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How much should I budget to spend for one day in Venice?

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Venice is not a city that is known for being economical. Between Gondola rides, public transportation and the many attractions there are to see, it can get difficult to travel cheap. Below are some guidelines on what a general budget might look like for a day in Venice:

Budget €50 - 90 per day in Venice (accommodation extra)

For a city that has so much to offer, €50-90 would be a fairly comfortable budget for one day. You can reduce your costs by walking everywhere - even if you get lost that’s part of the adventure in Venice - staying close to the main attractions, and buying food at supermarkets instead of eating out.

Transportation (€20-€26)

Depending on where you stay in Venice you could spend very little or quite a lote on transportation. If you are near the attractions, then you spend less on transport but more on your accommodation.

  • On foot around Venice: €0
  • On water buses: €20 for unlimited ACTV rides in a 24 hour period
  • To the Marco Polo airport: €6 one way, €12 return, which is not included in a standard water bus pass)

Your transportation travel costs will also depend on how you want to get around. If you are staying for longer than one night, you can get longer bus passes, or if you are in the 'youth' bracket (14-29 years) you can get a 3 day Rolling Venice transport card for much cheaper.

Food (€30)

Breakfast: €0-€4.60

Some hotels and hostels will offer free breakfasts, but if you are buying breakfast yourself an espresso will cost about €1.60, and you can find pastries for about €3

Lunch: €3.50-€7

For most the time you are in Venice you will be walking around exploring the city, so it is easy to find something on the go that is fairly cheap. You could try local pizza (€3-€5), or get a tapa-like plate of Cicchetti (€1.5-€4 for a cheap plate).

Dinner: €4-€10
Again, Cicchetti is a cheap and relatively inexpensive way to taste the local cuisine in bars called Cicchiterias. You can also find cheap pasta, seafood, and Paninis (€4-€10).

Gelato and drinks: €7-€12
I always like to budget for a couple of gelatos a day because it is a great way to fill your tummy during the in between hours when hunger strikes. Also a great way to stay hydrated in the hot summer. And it is also fair that you will have a beer or glass of wine at a restaurant, with meals.

Activities €20-€25

The cost of activities in a day will depend on how much time you have and what you want to do while you are there. The cost can change from day to day, but if you combine some free activities with visiting the more famous tourist attractions, and add a bit extra for souvenirs and hidden costs, you would be budgeting about €20-€25 per day (not including expensive Gondola rides.

  • St. Mark's Basilica Museums Combined ticket: €15-€18 (the church itself is free to visit)
  • Boat ride on the Grand Canal: €0 (if you buy the ACTV transport card, else €7.50)
  • Peggy Guggenheim Collection: €15
  • Walking tours: €0-€50
  • Gondola: Starts at about €80
  • Getting lost in the back streets: €0
  • Trips to some of the outer islands: Generally included in transport cards
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It depends on what we are interested in doing or visiting. Venice is a city to discover even just walking, because it reveals wonders, among its streets, canals and buildings, in every corner: so you can spend a day visiting this city at no cost.

We can take a packed lunch with us or buy food and drinks at the supermarket or in cheap places that I mentioned in the question "Where to eat in Venice on a budget?".

If, on our trip, we want to include a visit to a museum, the cost will be on average € 15, a lunch at an economic pizzeria about € 18 and a restaurant with affordable prices around € 30.

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