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What is Venice Rolling Card? Is the Rolling Venice card worth it?

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Rolling Card is perfect for young visitors to Venice

The Rolling Venice Card is worth buying if you are under 29 and planning a trip to Venice, even if it is only for a one night stay. The Rolling Venice card offers visitors a combination of transport and discounts in Venice. It is designed specifically for 'youth' aged 6 to 29 years.


  • Validity 3 days or 72 hours from the first time it is validated.
  • Entitlements Unlimited rides on water buses and regular buses.
  • Discounts The Rolling Pass also advertises many attractions, concerts, restaurants, shopping, and bars that you can get reduced tickets for once you have purchased the card. You cannot get these youth discounts without the card.
  • Airport transfer If you pay for the slightly more expensive card, you can include either a one way or return ticket between the city and Marco Polo Airport.

Options and Prices

  • €22 - This includes unlimited public transport on water and land.
  • €28 - This includes unlimited transport PLUS a one way transfer to or from Marco Polo Airport.
  • €34 - This includes unlimited transport PLUS a return transfer to and from Marco Polo Airport

Why it makes sense to buy Rolling Pass

Pays for itself just on transport

If, for example, you take a return trip on each day - 4 rides in 2 days - then the card would have already paid for itself. Each single trip on one of the water buses is €7.50, making transport cards an economical choice if you are wanting to use the canals to get around.

Discount on attractions

You can also save money if you are planning on seeing the main attractions- the website has lists of places that this discount applies.

Pre-paid airport transfers before your arrive

The difference between adding on the transfer to Marco Polo Airport only gives you the benefit of having a pre-paid ticket, as a return water bus transfer costs €12 anyway (which is the difference between the baseline ticket and the most expensive ticket).

When it may NOT make sense

The Rolling card would not be worth it if you are only staying for one day and are located close to the main tourist centre. Venice is a fairly walkable city if you are only interested in the main squares, churches and museums; these are located in and around St. Mark’s square. Plus, for many young people, half the fun of Venice is simply wandering and getting lost in its many winding streets.

Where to buy Rolling Cards?

You can pick up a Rolling Venice Pass from any Hello Venezia tourist desk in the city. There is one located in the airport, so you will want to buy one here if you are planning on using the airport transfer aspects of the ticket. The card itself costs €4 and then you add on whichever price bracket you are planning on using.

You will need to provide proof of age, and the 72 hours starts from the first time you validate it (you need to scan your pass every time you get on one of the water buses, but the first one will validate it).

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The Rolling Venice card is a pass that can only be purchased for children aged 9 to 26. It is valid for 72 hours and can be purchased in all VeneziaUnica stores; it allows not only to have access to the means of transport but also to have facilities for all the main attractions of the city, including the museums of the Venetian Museum Complex (MUVE). The cost of the card alone is 6.00 euros and to be added is the cost of the transport subscription at a discounted price.

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