Gondola ride at night

Is it worth taking a Gondola ride in Venice at night?

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A gondola ride is one of the most iconic attractions in Venice, and it can be a wonderful and romantic experience even if it feels overdone and expensive. During the day the canals are crowded and hot, so it might be tempting to take a gondola ride at night when the day-trippers have all left. A ride at night time would certainly feel less crowded and more atmospheric, but in general it gets too dark to be able to see any of the picturesque houses and surrounding canals. Instead, aim to take a gondola ride at dusk.

Gondola rides are best just before sunset

This time of day offers some wonderful mood lighting, even if you are in the inner canals and can't see the actual sunset. If you are wanting something quiet and intimate, ask your gondoliere to avoid the Grand Canal and stick to the back waterways. The San Toma or Santa Sofia gondola stations (near Ca' d'Oro) offer routes through these waterways, but there are gondoliere stations all around the city.

Gondola rides have varied times depending on the company, the gondoliere, and what you want for your experience, but they should all have standardized prices, so make sure you check before you get on the boat how much you will be paying. These trips can be expensive, but it will almost definitely be an experience you won't forget.

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Taking a gondola ride through the Venetian canals is incredible, especially in the evening. The night lights of Venice and the reflections of the waters of the canals transform the landscape into an extremely suggestive setting. From experience, it's a perfect activity to do with your boyfriend.

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