Marco polo airport to Venice city center

How to get to Venice city center from the Marco Polo Airport ?

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Venice airport is located north of the city, in Tessera on the Italian mainland. Depending on where you are staying, either the Airport Bus or the Alilaguna (the waterbus) are the best options. The Alilaguna is usually the better of the two, but I suggest you check with your hotel as sometimes the Airport Bus is more convenient.

Marco Polo Airport

The Alilaguna waterbus saves you precious time

Alilaguna waterbus
If you want to go directly to the center of Venice, you should take the Alilaguna. They offer three routes; blue, orange, and red. Don’t worry about picking which route is best. The easiest way to decide which route is to visit the Alilaguna ticket booth. If you show them the location of your hotel, the ticket clerk will let you know which waterbus is the best. I like this option because it makes getting to your hotel that much easier. One thing to note, if you have an ACTV Tourist Travel Card, they do not include the Alilaguna airport boat since they are run by a separate company.

The Airport bus is cheaper but longer

If you take the Airport Bus it will stop at Piazzale Roma, which is about 20-25 minutes from the city’s historic center. However, the Airport Bus offers two routes and is inexpensive. One is run by ATVO, which is a regional bus company. If you choose this option, you’ll be seated in a coach bus and your luggage will be stored underneath. This is a comfortable way to travel without the hassle of balancing your luggage. The busses also run nonstop from the airport. There is also the ACTV (Venice public-transit agency) Linea 5 “Aerobus” from the airport to Piazzale Roma. Remember, there are some differences between the two buses. The ACTV bus will make local stops and does not have a luggage compartment.

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There are more solutions to reach the historic city center from Marco Polo airport, the most expensive but certainly most impressive is a private taxi, which however has a fixed cost of 120 euros.

Alternatively, if you do not want to give up the "trip" through the Venetian canals but at a more affordable price, you can take the Alilaguna, a sort of small waterbus that connects the airport to the main moorings of the city. The cost of the ticket is also fixed here and is 16 euros per person.

The most economical but conventional way is the ATVO private line bus which stops at Piazzale Roma, the only point in Venice accessible by four-wheel vehicles. The cost is in fact 8 euros per person and the transfer lasts only 20 minutes.

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