Negroni Bars in Florence

Which are The Best Negroni Bars in Florence?

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Over the years Negroni retained its popularity and has become one of the most preferred cocktail around the globe. The Negroni has an acquired taste; it’s bitter and boozy but has still stood the test of time since it was invented in Florence, almost 100 years ago.

Best Bars to Try Negroni in Florence


Luca Picchi who is the bartender at Rivoire wrote a book regarding the famous Negroni cocktail where he describes three different versions of preparing the drink. The three versions are just an enhancement of the original recipe provided by Count Negroni. Here at Rivoire you only need approximately 8 euros to have a taste of the famous cocktail enjoying it in Piazza Della Signoria


Here at Locale, you will be served the incredible Negroni cocktail through a small, stylish steel flask. Matteo Di Ienno who is the bartender has come up with amazing strategies of making your drink more hipster by using the finest ingredients.

Golden View

At Golden View, your drink will be served by Daniele Cancellara who has the experience and the skills to make your drink perfect using the finest ingredients. In addition to enjoying the famous Negroni cocktail, you will have the advantage of also taking your drink while enjoying the sight of Ponte Vecchio.

Ditta Artigianale

Here at Ditta Artigianale, they have incorporated new techniques to make your drink even more delicious by including the accent on gin and coffee. The Negroni cocktail changes its name to AJ Negroni. In addition to all the ingredients that make up the Negroni cocktail, here at Ditta, they also add half a shot of Guatemala coffee. Try this cocktail, and you will never want to have your Negroni in any other way.

VIP’s bar

Whenever you are at Piazzale Michelangelo, the VIP’s bar should be your preferred choice. When you visit this bar especially during sunset, you will enjoy the incredible view of the sun going down while sipping your favorite Negroni cocktail. The ’postcard view’ of Florence will blow your mind away.

Harrys Bar

This bar has the perfect location since it is situated along the Arno River which is just a few blocks from Ponte Vecchio. Although the bar is famous for its Bellini, the Negroni cocktail is also available. The prices are affordable, and the site is incredible.

Atrium Bar in Four Seasons

The Atrium Bar is housed by Four Seasons hotel. It is a renowned bar in Florence famous for its ultra-premium spirits including Negroni. This bar is a must add to your list whenever you are in Florence.

What to know before you order your Negroni in Florence

For starters, Negroni cocktail is a cocktail of various drinks; one part is gin while the other part is Vermouth Rosso. It also includes Campari and is finally garnished with an orange peel. This drink traces its origin to Florence, and it is an integral part of a typical Italian aperitivo.

The Negroni cocktail was invented in 1919 in Florence, Italy at a bar called Caffe Casoni. It is said that the word Negroni was invented by Count Camillo Negroni when he asked his bartender, Fosco Scarselli, to strengthen his favourite cocktail that was called the Americano where he was supposed to replace the soda with gin. Instead of using the usual lemon, Scarselli added an orange garnish and the drink took off! Thereafter, the drink became very famous such that everyone who came to the bar ordered nothing else but the ‘Count Negroni.’ The demand for the incredible Negroni cocktail increased rapidly until the Negroni family was obliged to start a Negroni Distiller in Treviso, Italy on the same year. The ready-made version was sold as Antico Negroni.

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Go to Caffé Casoni - birthplace of Negroni

Well, I suggest you go directly where it was born... In Via De’ Tornabuoni!
At the beginning of the XXth century, there used to be a Café called Caffé Casoni. Now it has become a very exclusive bar whose owner is Roberto Cavalli, the famous stylist!

Otherwise the best bar area in Florence is in Piazza Santa Croce. You can’t go wrong if you order a Negroni in those bars, you’ll get the real one.

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