Florence from Livorno cruise port

How to reach Florence from Livorno cruise port?

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Livorno is a port city on the Tuscan coast that is frequented by cruise ships. This city is a piece of Renaissance history, and was originally built by the ruling Medici family as a competition against the rival city of Pisa. Although the Medici family was based in Florence, Livorno is located about an hour and a half away from Florence, so it is necessary to plan ahead if you want to visit the historic sites of places like Florence and Pisa during your time in the harbour.

Besides taking one of the cruise ship's planned excursions, there are several ways you can plan a day trip to Florence by yourself.

By Taxi / direct bus - fast but expensive

Taxis and direct bus transfers can be an easy, comfortable and time efficient way to get from the harbour to Florence, although you can expect to spend a bit of money for the convenience.

Cost and time

Car rides from Livorno port to Florence take about 1 hour and 30 minutes, depending on traffic. The cost for a direct taxi is €40 per person if you have a group of 8 people (this direct transfer option needs to be full, and you can make up numbers with other people on the cruise). You pay for the fee at the end of the trip. There are also options where you can have one taxi for 4 people which will cost €350, for a round trip.

How to find your taxi

Drivers for direct transfers meet you when you are leaving the ship and walk with you to where the taxis are parked outside the gate. This shuttle service can also include a visit to Pisa, as well as the transfer from Livorno port to Florence. The other 4 person bus transfer service leaves from the shuttle bus stop in the centre of Livorno, so you will need to take one of the cruise ship shuttle services to the centre of town

By Train - Cheap, but a longer, 2 stage trip

Going by train is by far the cheapest way of getting to Florence from the Livorno port, and there are several ways of getting there. This is a cheaper option, but it could result in having less time to spend in Florence at the other end if you are trying to catch trains at certain times or if public transport is running behind.

Cost and Time

It takes only 1 hour and 20 minutes from Livorno Centrale Station to Florence Santa Maria Novella Station. It costs only €9.70 per person, one way, on the trains that leave about twice every hour. But as the train station is too far away from the Livorno port to get there on foot; so you will need to either take a taxi, or catch a shuttle bus and a public bus to get to the train station. You can do this by taxi or by bus and it will take you between 15 and 30 minutes extra.

Livorno Cruise port to Livorno train station

If you take a taxi, it will take you directly to the train station, and it will cost you approximately €20 (for 4 people, one way).

Alternatively, you can use a combination of your cruise ship's shuttle bus and public buses. This is cheaper, but you will have to transfer in the middle.
First, take a shuttle from your cruise ship to the stop at the back of Piazza Grande in Livorno.
Next, find the LAM BLU or LAM ROSSA bus lines which are located along Via Grande and not on the actual square itself. These buses come frequently and only cost €1.20 per person for the 5-10 minute trip to the train station.
Get off the bus at Livorno Centrale Station, and catch the train straight to Florence.

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You have plenty of options!
Among many, Blablacar, Buses, Rental Cars.
Maybe the most obvious option would be the train. From Livorno central station you can reach Florence in less than two hours of journey time. Also, the train from Livorno arrives directly into the central station of Florence, Santa Maria Novella, and it will cost you less than 10 euros per person.

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