How to visit Duomo with children?

Needed advice regarding visiting Florence Duomo with kids

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Florence Duomo with children

Visiting Il Duomo is one of the highlights of visiting Florence, and there are several ways that you can make this an enjoyable visit for you and the kids. Here are 5 top tips for making the most out of your visit to Piazza Duomo:

Take advantage of the Firenze Card

If you are using the Firenze card, kids under 18 do not need to pay the entry fees as they are covered under the parents who have the cards. Make sure you check the Firenze Card website as there are slightly different guidelines for people who are from outside the European Union

Be prepared for the Cathedral visit

If you are planning a trip to Piazza del Duomo it is a good idea to be prepared. Make sure that you are dress appropriately to enter the cathedral (even children should have shoulders covered), book your time in advance, wear comfortable shoes for climbing, and remember your water bottles and cameras.

Go to Museo dell'Opera del Duomo first

Going to the museum first will give kids a chance to have an introduction to the historic landmarks so that they can better appreciate them when they go inside the cathedral, bell tower and Baptistery

Climb up the Dome with older children

For children who are over 6 years old, you can book a time to climb the 463 steps to the top and admire the panoramic views of the city. Alternatively, if there are large crowds or you have not managed to secure a booking time, then you can climb up the similarly high Campanile bell tower that sits across from the famous dome for a slightly different view of the city

Go get ice cream afterwards

After a few hours of exploring, recharge by treating the kids to gelato. Less than a block away from the Cathedral on Via dei Servi you will find gelateria Mordilatte, a local ice creamery that is known for using the best fresh, local ingredients. They also offer milkshakes and smoothies, and often have shorter lines than other gelaterias such as Grom.

Spread your visit over 2 days

If you are planning to visit all the parts of the Cathedral complex in Florence you should plan your visit in a way so you spread the 6 attractions across 2 days. And I strongly suggest that you do not attempt to climb the Dome and the Campanile on the same day; this is a sure way to tire everyone out, including adults!

Piazza del Duomo with the Baptistery, Cathedral, Campanile, and Cupola, all in view
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No problem with kids

The Duomo is really big and has no dangerous areas. I wouldn’t recommend any special caution for children other than the usual. If parents are concerned about the messy behaviour of their children, they will be reassured to know that the Duomo is open to visits only when there is no religious service inside.

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