Where to eat near the Duomo

Any recommendations on where to eat near the Florence Duomo?

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After exploring all that the Piazza del Duomo has to offer, it is time to go and check out the culinary delights of the surrounding area. Here are some of the eateries to check out literally within a few steps off the Piazza del Duomo square:

  1. Arà: è Sicilia

    This little food outlet is known for the popular Sicilian style snacks that it has on offer. Serving up real, traditional style food from the area of Sicily, you will not want to miss their gelato and increasingly famous arancini. This place would be good for something small to fill you up before you keep exploring
    Via degli Alfani, 127r- 2 minute walk
  2. Giannino

    This restaurant is characterized by rustic décor and ambient lighting, with brick work covering the arches and ceilings. This atmospheric restaurant serves up traditional Tuscan food and accompanies it with a generous selection of local wines
    Borgo S. Lorenzo, 33/37r- 2 minute walk
  3. Pasticceria Robiglio

    If you are looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth, head over to the Robiglio pastry shop. This place is a small shop that has been rate for its good food and good service, and has good coffee and pastries to die for. Try out their creamy ricotta cake ("torta campagnola")
    Via dei Tosinghi, 11r- 1 minute walk
  4. Fiaschetteria Osteria Nuvoli

    This restaurant offers 'apertivo' style dining and is a popular hangout for locals. This is a fairly small eatery, but it is a great place to try crostini, toasted bread covered in all sorts of flavour combinations
    Via Ferdinando Zannetti, 8- 2 minute walk
  5. Trattoria Sergio Gozzi

    If you are wanting to get a bit further away from the crowds in the Piazza del Duomo, head over to Trattoria Sergio Gozzi. This 150 year old restaurant offers home style trattoria cooking at reasonable prices and is a great place to get a hearty meal. This restaurant is a part of culinary history, and has more space and less waiting times than other places closer to Il Duomo.
    Piazza de San Lorenzo, 8r- 3 minute walk
  6. Enoteca Alessi

    If you are looking for more wine than food, make your way to the charmingly rustic Enoteca Alessi wine bar. This establishment hosts an elaborate array of wines and spirits to take the edge off of a long day of visiting monuments, and is accompanied by charcuterie and cheese boards. You can finish off your food with chocolate fondue and another wine for dessert
    In the Piazza del Duomo
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Eating near the Duomo can be very expensive. Not only that, but you can easily stumble upon some cheap tourist trap, which the Duomo square swarms with. You should totally head to San Lorenzo which is very close to the Duomo (5 min walking). San Lorenzo area has maybe the best restaurants in Florence.

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