How to get to Alhambra from Granada?

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Cheapest - Bus C3 or C4 from most parts of Granada. Ticket is 1.20 eu. A multi user travel card makes it about 0.80 Eu. Frequency is 7 minutes. (details)
Fastest - Taxi is approx 8 eu from city centre
Most interesting - a 15 minutes walk through the woods - Plaza Nueva > Cuesta de Gomerez > Alhambra Justice gate.
(Note: Your choice may change depending on the time of your visit)

Granada Bus is the best way to get around the city
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Granada to Alhambra by bus

Tourist bus routes [Minibuses] C3 and C4 connect Granada city centre and Alhambra. Bus is the most convenient way to reach Alhambra from Granada.

C3 Bus Route to Alhambra

Plaza Isabel la Católica (Plaza Nueva ) ⇒ Plaza Fortuny ⇒ Calle Molinos ⇒ Alhambra main gate (ticketing office) ⇒ Puerta de la Justicia⇒ Hotel Palace ⇒ Calle Santiago ⇒ Plaza Isabel la Católica

C4 Bus Route to Alhambra

Plaza Isabel la Católica (Plaza Nueva ) ⇒ Plaza Fortuny ⇒ Calle Molinos ⇒ Alhambra main gate (ticketing office) ⇒ Alhambra car park ⇒ Barranco del Abogado ⇒ Campo de Príncipe ⇒ Plaza Isabel la Católica

If you have booked your entry tickets to Alhambra online, C3 is convenient as you can get down at Puerta de la Justicia [gate of Justice] which is closest to Nazrid Palaces. Frequency of C3 bus is once every 7 minutes.

Bus service starts at 7 AM from Granada city center. The bus trip cost €1.20 from Granada city centre to Alhambra. It is convenient to buy a multi-user multi-trip card Credibus Card [Bonobus] bus pass (€5 for 7 trips - €2 refundable deposit).

Granada Bus Station to Alhambra

Granada bus station is on Avenida de Juan Pablo II, in the north west of Granada. From the bus station take SN1 to Cathedra and then board C3 tourist bus to Alhambra. SN1 buses are frequent

Granada Railway Station to Alhambra

The Granada Train Station is located in the city center on Avenida de Andaluces. From the train station, walk for a minute to Avda de Constitucion bus stop. From the bus top, board any local bus to Gran Via which is just four stops away. At Gran Via, board bus tourist bus C3 to the Alhambra.

Granada Airport to Alhambra

Granada Airport is 16 Kms from Granada city center. Aeropuerto Granada bus are scheduled to ply from Granada Airport to city center with arrival of every flight. Alight at Gran Via de Colon, Catedral - 9th bus stop from Airport and then board C3 to Alhambra from Gran Via.

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Walk from Granada City Center to Alhambra

Walking to Alhambra from Granada City centre - Plaza Nueva is easy and interesting. The route is Cuesta de Gomérez from the Plaza Nueva, through the woods and to the entry gate Gate of Justice.

The walk to Alhambra takes only 15 minutes!

Take a Taxi from Granada City Center to Alhambra

In a group of 3 or 4 it makes sense to just ride a taxi. It is quick, convenient and cheap to take a taxi from anywhere in Granada to Alhambra. From most places it should not cost more than 8 euros.

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