Uffizi gallery advance tickets

Should we book advance tickets to Uffizi gallery?

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Do book Uffizi gallery in advance

The Uffizi gallery is one of the most famous galleries in Florence, and it is therefore one of the busiest places to visit. If you are visiting Florence from April to October, or on the weekend, then it is also probably a good idea to book an advance ticket and reserve a time slot for when you want to go in order to avoid long lines.

Online booking is only 4 euros extra

Buying tickets when you arrive costs around €8-€13, but if you are booking online in advance there will be an extra €4 booking fee. It costs more, but it means that you can go straight through on your allotted time after exchanging your online reservation for a physical ticket. It is important to note that for some attractions there can still be a bit of a queue if there is small entrance ways or if it is peak season, but it is still faster than waiting in the regular ticketing line. The ticketing window is located on the opposite side to the regular ticketing lines (at door three, which is opposite the main entrance), and you can pick up your tickets 15 minutes prior to your allotted time.

Crowds at the Uffizi

Low season may not require advance booking

If you are visiting from November to March, especially after 4pm, then you can probably get through fairly quickly without needing a reservation.

All year round, you can get line-skipping privileges if you purchase a Firenze card (which means you would not have to queue for any of the main attractions.) These cards can be costly at €72, and only last for 72 hours after they have been activated, so you would need to decide if you will use it enough at other tourist sites to justify the cost.

If you only have time to visit the Uffizi Gallery, it is definitely worth saving some money and by just pre-booking your time.

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Of course! That’s something not so many people know: buying tickets online or using the phone will spare you from the longest of queues in Florence. We all know how boring queues can be, especially if the waiting reaches smoothly 2 hrs in length.

Here in Florence, when we see lots of poor tourists waiting hours to go in, especially in summer, we wonder: “How comes they didn’t book tickets online? Did they put ‘Vacation: hardcore mode’ on?”.

You have to pay attention to the selection of day and time: the ticket can be used only on the specified date. On the official website, you can have all the information on how to book tickets.

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