Best time to visit Florence

When is it the best time to visit Florence and Tuscany?

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Florence is a tourist magnet in the summer months as people flock to enjoy the scorching heat and spend some time exploring the Tuscany region. But other parts of the year are also becoming popular times to visit Florence.

The best time to visit Florence will vary depending on what temperatures you are comfortable with, and if you are willing to put up with crowds of people all waiting in line for the same attractions.

For the best weather - Pre or post summer is best!

The months of May, June and September have temperatures ranging from 23 to 29 degrees Celsius, so they are a much more comfortable temperature and in general have less crowds than July and August. If you come to Florence in June, just before the height of summer you will have the most mild temperatures (ranging on average from 14 to 27 degrees Celsius), and the city will still be starting to come alive with art shows, theatre, and outdoor concerts.

If you like it hot - July and August

July and August are the peak of the summer months in Italy, and with the heat comes crowds of people. Average temperatures in these months get to around 31 degrees Celsius, and while this isn't too hot compared to some other places, the Arno River that runs next to Florence can push up the humidity in these months. A lot of the attractions in Florence are indoors which can provide some relief from the heat, but you can expect to be waiting in long lines to get in. If you love the scorching heat, then July is the month for you.

Florence Duomo reflection on the Piazza in the autumn rain

Best time to avoid crowds - May, June, September

The peak season for weather coincides with peak season for crowds, meaning that longest waiting times will be during the hottest months of July and August. The peak summer months can also often bring a lot of kids on school break, as well as all the usual people seeking milder temperatures. If you are wanting to avoid bigger crowds, it is probably a good idea to plan your trip just before or just after these months. May, June and September are generally considered the best times to travel, as you can still enjoy some of the good weather, but there are slightly less people.

For low prices and low crowds - Visit Florence in Winter!

If you want to experience Florence without the city bursting at the seams with tourists, you would probably be better off coming in the colder, off-peak months. From November to March the temperatures get a lot lower, with January generally being the coolest month. Again, a lot of the attractions in Florence are indoors, so if you can handle the sometimes icy cold wind then going during off-peak times will be a good option. It is also much cheaper to book accommodation during the colder months as hotels slash their prices for the off-season.

The only issue besides the cold in this time period is that from October to Easter the opening hours for some attractions can change, so you would need to check for times in advance. Going in the colder months can be a good alternative if you are on a budget or if you want to experience Florence without the huge crowds. Of course the wineries are closed at this time of the year.

August is a strange month to visit Florence

As well as the crowds, an issue with coming to Italy in August is that the locals often leave the city to escape the heat, and this can mean that it is more difficult to do the things you have planned while you are there. This can mean that you could miss out on some of the attractions you were wanting to see, and the lines will be longer at the things that are still open.

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Obviously SPRING! Winter here in Florence is too rainy and it gets hard to enjoy all the countryside, while Summer gets too hot and... extremely crowded! If you want to have an exclusive vacation, I suggest you come in spring, when it's warm enough to live fully your Tuscan experience and tourists aren't all over and.. in large numbers!

Not only that, but if you plan to stay more than just a few days, in spring you can rest under some tree in one of our city parks such as the "Giardino dell'Orticultura" which is pretty close to the city center.

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