Colosseum at night

Is it worthwhile to visit the Colosseum at night?

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It is a great idea to tour the Colosseum at night! Here are several reasons why:

The Colosseum is far less crowded at night

Firstly, there are less people if you visit the Colosseum at night. Tours are staggered and have limited numbers of people in them, so the halls are almost completely empty and silent apart from you and your tour group.

This is a stark comparison to the busy crowds that flood through the Colosseum every day, so if you value space and are looking for a quieter way of exploring this monument, then this is the tour for you. This gives you a lot more space to appreciate the ancient architecture and take photos of the grand building while it is spectacularly lit up.

You get to visit more of the Colosseum

Secondly, you get to see more of the Colosseum in a night tour group. If you visit during the day, only the main and second floors are open, but at night you get to walk onto the amphitheatre floor and get taken into the underground hypogeum where the gladiators and animals were kept before the fighting. This cannot be done with a regular daytime ticket, and going down at night gives an added layer of history as you can experience the darkness as the gladiators would have.

Night visits are guided, and more informative

Thirdly, you get to understand more. As well as there being less crowds to distract you with the noise, there is a tour guide included with your ticket (as you cannot explore the Colosseum alone at night). Going with the tour guide gives you a chance to ask questions and understand the history more, while still having space to wander and appreciate the area and take photos without so many people around.

Tips for visiting Colosseum at night

  • The Roma Pass does not include the Colosseum Night Tour as one of the free entitlements.
  • Advance booking is essential for night tours, even for children under 6 years old who can enter for free. Since night tour spaces are limited, booking is even more critical.
  • Night tours cost more than day visits to the Colosseum.
  • Unlike day tickets, the night tickets do not include combination tickets with other attractions like the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill.
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