What to pack for Rome?

Planning to travel to Rome this summer. What to pack for visit to Rome?

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Packing for Rome does not need to be daunting, I want to assure you that the regular people of Rome are not dressed for fashion ramps in their day to day life! Here are a few sensible tips on what to pack; your Rome packing list will depend on what season you are planning to visit:

Packing for Summer months in Rome

Summer in Rome is renowned for being scorching hot, and the heat extends from the day into the night, so it is important to pack appropriately.

Light clothing

Pack clothes that are light and fresh. The best materials are things that are breathable like cotton, linen and rayon. Think Bermuda shorts, sun dresses and tank tops.

Cover ups

Remember that if you are visiting Rome churches, you are required to have covered shoulders and knees. So it is important to bring a light cardigan or stole to cover your shoulders. Some churches now provide disposable shawls for tourists for a small price. The attire can still be casual, you just need to remember to be modest; no midriffs, shoulders or knees should be showing.

Comfortable shoes

Rome is a walking city, and so it is important to wear comfortable shoes, and it is also important to remember that you will mostly be walking on cobblestones so high heels and uncomfortable sandals or sneakers will not be appropriate is you are going to be doing a lot of sightseeing. If you are planning on going out in the evenings and experiencing the nightlife, it is probably more sensible to have flat sandals or boots to dress up a bit more.

Packing for Winter Months in Rome

In general, Rome has very mild weather in the colder months, but there can be some very wet months as well so you need to come prepared.


You will need a decent jacket, but it is probably more important for it to be waterproof than big and woolly. You will appreciate something waterproof on the days that it does actually rain.

Waterproof Shoes

In the same way as a waterproof jacket, you will appreciate waterproof shoes on the days where it does rain in the colder months.


Because the weather can be unpredictable, layers will be your best friend in Rome. Take a selection of long and short-sleeved shirts to mix and match depending on the day and activity.

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1. Summer

Summer in Rome is very hot and dry, I advise you to pack light clothes and comfortable sandals, otherwise to bring sneakers of summer materials like the canvas. As far as entering the cathedrals, it is sufficient to have the shoulders covered and trousers or skirts up to the knee. I suggest you bring sunscreen and a hat to protect yourself from the sun.

2. Winter

Winter in Rome is not hot. Sometimes the climate is milder but some days of winter between January and February can be very cold and above all rainy. I advise you to bring heavy clothes, a warm jacket or a down jacket with you, but also to protect yourself against the rain so that carrying something waterproof is essential. In the coldest days do not underestimate the cold and especially the humidity, cover the neck is essential if you do not want to find yourself without a voice!

3. Spring and Autumn

The half seasons in Rome are always an unknown quantity. The climate in September, October, April and May and is temperate, I always suggest you bring a jacket, a golf or a non-summer sweatshirt and closed shoes.

4. Medicine

In pharmacies you can buy some medications for the most common problems without the doctor's prescription: headache medicines, intestinal problems and over-the-counter pain relievers.

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If you’re going to Rome on summer and you have some space in your bag, you pack a swimsuit and slippers! Summer is really hot in Rome but there are a lot of swimming pool or sea places to visit close to the city.

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