What to do around Civitavecchia

We do not want to go on a shore excursion to Rome. What can we do for 8 hours in and around Civitavecchia cruise port?

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1. Walk around the port area

The area around the Civitavecchia port itself is a good place to wander and admire the waterfront. Along the waterfront there is a beach promenade, and there are many places to relax and have lunch in the town area. The Principe Tommaso” promenade has an artistic defense wall built by Gian Lorenzo Bernini on the orders of the Pope. There is also Fort Michelangelo to discover as you go.

2. Walk around the Ghetto

Civitavecchia was meant to be a Jewish Ghetto in the last 1600s but was never populated by Jews. The old buildings in the town square have a very local feel and are full of activity. You should find some time to walk around the pedestrian zone Corso Centocelle, and see glass covered Etruscan ruins under the pavement. Visit local markets (San Lorenzo) and enjoy people watching as you have a meal in Piazza Fratti.

3. Skip the Churches and Cathedrals

You could skip the many nice churches and cathedrals of Civitavecchia - Sanctuary of the Madonna of Pantano, Assisi Cathedral, Chiesa della Stella, Santa Maria dell’Orazione e Morte - there are enough that you will see in the rest of Italy and certainly if you are visiting Rome on this trip.

4. Visit Etruscan attractions in Tarquinia

If you go another 20 kilometres north of the Civitavecchia port, you will find Tarquinia, a town that is characterized by its Etruscan Heritage. There are Romanesque churches in the town centre which are open to the public. If you go here you cannot miss the Museo Etrusco, which hosts ancient artefacts that have been excavated in the area. After that move on to the Necropoli, a series of painted underground tombs that hold ancient Etruscan art depicting everyday life. To reach Tarquinia, it is best to go by bus from Civitavecchia. There are trains too but the train stops outside the Tarquinia town centre.

5. Visit Le Terme Taurine

The Taurine Baths are archaeological ruins that lie just outside the Civitavecchia port centre. These are open to the public and are a nice way to explore ancient history without being in the centre of Rome.

6. Take a dip at Ficoncella thermal baths

If you decide to go to Tarquinia, you should stop at the thermal baths of Ficoncella along the way. The baths were originally in the city of Aquae Tauri.

7. Walk through La Frasca pines

If you like a change of scene you should go to the pine forest in La Frasca about 5 miles outside Civitavecchia. The contrast of clear snorkeling waters near the dense pine forest is very interesting and unusual to see. La Frasca is also en route to Tarquinia.

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