Borghese Gardens and Borghese Museum

Are the Borghese Gardens and Borghese Museum different?

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The Borghese Museum, which has one of the best art collections in the world, is located within Borghese Gardens.

Borghese Gardens

Entrance to the gardens is free of charge and there are many entrances for you to choose from, including the Spanish Steps. The Borghese Gardens offers beautiful scenery and provides you with a great walk to the museum, depending on the season. If you will be visiting both the gardens and the museum, it’s advisable to book your tickets ahead of time.
Unlike many other museums, only 360 visitors are allowed to be in the Borghese Museum at one time, giving you space to really take in the magnificent artwork and sculptures. It’s also important to note that you will only have 2 hours to explore the museum so use your time wisely.

Villa Borghese Gardens once belonged to the Borghese family. Cardinal Scipione Borghese started adding vineyards to his property to add to its beauty. During the 1600s, landscaper Domenico Savino was hired to design the park to replicate an English style garden. A number of busts of Italian statesmen, architects, poets, and sculptors can be found throughout the park. The Borghese estate is truly a great way to spend a day in Rome.

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