Roman Colosseum with children

Tips to visit Roman Colosseum with children

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1. Get the kids in for free

Children under the age of 18 can get into the Colosseum for free, but they still need their own tickets. There are two ways of purchasing these tickets. Firstly, you can reserve them online when buying adult tickets. There will be a small reservation fee, and they cannot be physically printed but the reservation code can be taken to the special events desk when you arrive. The second way is to go straight to the special events desk when you arrive. You will not need to wait in the general ticketing line to pick these up, and guards can show you where to go. Note that proof of their age will be required when purchasing

2. Avoid Weekends

If it is possible you should try and avoid visiting the Colosseum with children in the weekends as the access lines are even longer than usual

3. Research the history before going

A good way to help children stay engaged with the exploration is to let them read some age appropriate history books or webpages prior to arriving. This way they can have a better understanding of what they are seeing throughout the day

4. Child friendly tours

Official tours are a great way to understand and appreciate the history of the Colosseum, and would be appropriate for children who are 8 years or older in order to keep them engaged. If you are travelling with smaller children, opt for special tours specially designed like this one.

5. Travel light

On arrival you will wait to go through security, and it should be noted that no large bags are allowed when going into the Colosseum. There is no storage facility for over-sized bags so travel light to avoid being denied entry on arrival. It is also important to note that strollers are not practical when visiting this particular monument as there are a lot of steep steps and it would be impractical

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