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Which areas have the best nightlife in Rome?

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1. Trastevere

Even though this neighbourhood can look quite timid during the day, it really comes to life at night. Trastevere is filled with bars, lounges, restaurants and cafes that draw locals, students and young professionals. Piazza Trilussa is one of the liveliest areas during the evenings and is one of the best ways to experience the nightlife of Rome. Piazza Santa Maria is another popular spot and one of the best places to spot street performers.

Where to go out at night in Trastevere

The liveliest place is Piazza Trilussa but there are plenty of bars down the side streets as well.

Big Hilda

Big Hilda has classic pub vibes, and is a great, no-frills place to start your night out. Make sure you get there for happy hour (from 5pm-10pm) for some of the cheapest drinks in the area, starting at around €4

Mr Brown Bar

Mr Brown is a fairly casual bar and is a great place to get a few cocktails. The staff are friendly and fast, and always have good recommendations on cocktails (which come at a very reasonable €3.50 if you get there early enough in the evening). Make sure you try the owner's very own Porno shot!

2. Testaccio

If you’re looking for a clubbing experience, Testaccio is the area to be. This circular neighbourhood will take you from one club to the next but it’s advisable to pick a place by midnight or you might end up in a few very long lines. Every club has something different to offer but you can definitely expect a classy, high-energy crowd to see you through the night and into the early hours of the morning. If you are looking to go clubbing into the early hours of the morning, you will be heading to Testaccio, and you can find loud music nearly every night of the week.

Where to go out at night in Testaccio

Radio Londra

Radio Londra is a great place to spend the night if you want a good mix of music for dancing. The bar is a bit small but has a great atmosphere and feels a bit like being inside of a cave inside of the former bomb shelter.


If you want to dance the night away then this is probably a safe choice. Akab is a multi-storey club with several different dance floors that all have different music. You can expect to pay an entry fee of around €5, but this is definitely somewhere you can go if you feel like dancing and getting lost in the crowd.

3. San Lorenzo

This area is a university district and has a strong alternative atmosphere. Students generally flock to Piazza degli Aurunci, which is at the heart of this neighbourhood. During the day the square may seem like any other residential area but by night, it becomes a giant living room for locals. So if you’re looking to get to know the locals and experience a different side to Rome, make your way to San Lorenzo.

Where to go out at night in San Lorenzo

Ex Dogana

Rather than being indoors, most people in San Lorenzo like to be out on the streets, and one of the most unique places to go is Ex Dogana. This used to be a customs port, but it is now an area where there are concerts and events in the streets, surrounded by a hub of bars and restaurants.

Rive Gauche

If you just want a bar in the San Lorenzo area, head over to Rive Gauche. This is a laidback place with well-priced craft beers, set against a backdrop of cosy furnishings and locals enjoying a drink. This is located in a busy area of San Lorenzo so it is a good place to start the night, especially if you enjoy a good beer.

4. Campo de’ Fiori

A good start if you are looking for a nightlife area that has a diverse group of people This square is a stomping ground for many internationals and so it is known for mingling and feeling like a part of the area. This is a great area for people looking for a night out on a budget as it is fairly casual and boasts moderate food and drink prices. This would be a great area if you are wanting to go out people watch as you go

Where to go out at night in Campo de’ Fiori


Argot is an underground cocktail bar that offers an intimate ambience and a great drinks menu. Come to this refurbished theatre for live music and events to keep you entertained while you sip cocktails.

Coda di Gallo

This is an intimate little cocktail bar where patrons need to ring a doorbell to get in. Once inside you can enjoy unique cocktails that all have a bit of a kick to them and enjoy listening to chilled out live music.

5. Piazza Navona

Less boisterous than Campo de’ Fiori but equally interesting. At night, the bars and restaurants are full of artists and buskers. A great way to spend the night life. The square is also home to three famous fountains - Fontana die Quattro Fiumi, the Fontana del Moro, and the Fontana del Nettuno.

Where to go out at night in Piazza Navona


This is a cosy little bar that has a hip, faux-rustic décor that makes a great backdrop for a few quiet cocktails. This is a great place for a relaxed night of after-dinner drinks.

Mimì e Cocò

This wine bar is located on one of the prettiest streets in the area, and is surrounded by other lovely bars, boutiques and restaurants. Come here for the atmosphere, and enjoy an evening of wine, fairy lights, and people watching.

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1. Trastevere

Trastevere is one of the busiest central areas in the evening. There are bars and restaurants on every corner. Some are more sought after, others are still popular and are the most frequented by locals. For the Romans Trastevere is always a point of reference!

2. San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo has become one of the busiest neighborhoods over the years. Its atmosphere is always as popular as it once was, but there are also sought-after bars and restaurants. The meeting is between the streets and the main square (the only one). In San Lorenzo there are also clubs that make live music, clubs and discos.

3. Pigneto

The Pigneto is becoming a very fashionable place in the city. In the pedestrian area there is always a lot of people at the tables of bars and restaurants and it is the best known area. On the other side of the overpass that separates the district there are as many local scattered between the streets, all very special in a multi-ethnic atmosphere

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Monti is a particular place, one of the most arts district in Rome. There are artisans shops, club, vintage bar, pub or other places with live music. If you don’t know what you are going to do in the evening, go to Monti and you’ll find definitely something.

Ponte Milvio area

There are some place where you can eat or drink something. In this area you will find a lot of students in particular during the weekend. Ponte Milvio is close to the Stadio Olimpico so, for example, if you love sports and go to football match, it’s so easy go here for eat something.

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