Roma Pass and Colosseum tours

With Roma Pass, do we need separate tickets for Colosseum underground tours?

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Roma Pass (or for that matter Omnia Pass) comes only with the entry privilege, you cannot join any tour.

You have to buy separate tickets online for each tour you wish to take. You can also make the reservation for the tours by calling the reservation office. Inform the reservation office that you already have Rome Pass.
Popular Tours at Colosseum
- Guided Tour ( € 9,00 + € 2,00)
- Underground, third ring and Belvedere tours


  • If you are traveling with children (kids under 18), no entry ticket is needed. Tour ticket is also needed for children under 12.
  • Please note that Underground, arena and Colosseum tour does not include tour of the 4th and 5th tiers (Belvedere).
  • If you do not have the Roma Pass, you have to buy tour tickets and entry tickets separately. Entry tickets is valid for at Colosseum as well as at the forum and palatine hill.
  • The Inside Colosseum tours are excellent and strongly recommended.
  • Destination experts of this forum have opined that neither Roma Pass nor Omnia Card is worth it. So you may want to reconsider your decision to buy Roma Pass.
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