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Where to shop when on a holiday in Rome?

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Rome is a fashion capital of the world. So apart from buying memorable souvenirs you can indulge in some serious shopping when you are in Rome.

1. High fashion

The best place to shop for haute couture brands in Rome is the area around Spanish steps. The parallel streets of Via Condotti, Via Frattina, and Via Sistina house many famous Italian brands like Bulgari and Fendi that were actually born in Rome. Other Italian brands like Gucci (born in Florence), Prada (from Milan), Ferragamo and others also have their stores.

2. Mainstream brands

The streets along Via del Corso, and the areas around Piazza Venezia and Piazza del Popolo have mass market brands and shopping at these stores is also a nice way to see Rome residents in their natural behaviour. If you are around the Vatican, then Via Cola di Rienzo in Prati is a good option. It is a wide street with lots of Roman families, and very few visitors.

3. Flea Markets

The sunday market at Porta Portese in Trastevere has so much to explore that you should plan to be there when it opens at 7am and stay back for ;unch in the area after the 1pm closing. antique housewares to secondhand clothing and music to original art, jewelry, posters, furniture, etc.

There is also a daily (except Sunday) morning flea market famous for imitation designer clothing and bags, at Via Sannio near the Basilica of San Giovanni in Laterano.

4. Antiques

Via del Babuino is near the Spanish steps and if you are keen to buy antiques or art this street has many stores. Via del Governo Vecchio along the Tiber also has stores with vintage articles.

5. Handcrafted items

Via del Boschetto in Rione Monti is a classy street that has stores selling handmade artisanal items from clothing to jewelry and accessories, and things to decorate your home.

6. Outlet shopping

Castel Romano Designer Outlet has the best good deals on brands from Versace to Diesel. The outlet is outside Rome though you will need to spare half a day day 25km. Valmontone is on the road to Naples and is further away but also has very good deals. Check with your hotel if they organize outlet shopping tours by bus.

Shopping tips for Rome

  • Sales or Saldi in Rome take place once in the summer months (July - August), and once in the winter (Jan - Feb).
  • Traditional shops are closed all day on Sunday and on Monday mornings. On other days opening hours are 10am to 1pm, and 4pm to 8pm.
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Via Condotti

Situated at the bottom of the Spanish Steps, Via Condotti offers tourists a boutique shopping experience with stores such as Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo and Louis Vuitton.

Via Vittorio Veneto

Known as one of the most expensive streets in Rome, Via Vittorio Veneto is brimming with luxury stores and hotels.

Via del Corso

Situated in the historical centre of Rome, Via del Corso is a popular shopping destination for teenagers and is home to stores such as Nike, Gap and Diesel.

Campo de Fiori

This vibrant square is where food lovers come together. Fresh food and flowers line the streets, making them picture perfect.

Via Cola di Rienzo

Located in the Prati district, Via Cola di Rienzo is another one of the most popular shopping destinations in Rome, especially if you’re looking for shoes.

The Porta Portese Market

This lively market is more traditional and is located near the Piramida-Ostiense metro line. Be cautious of pickpockets!

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1. Via Condotti and Piazza di Spagna

The area around Piazza di Spagna is home to the most luxurious boutiques in the city. Especially in Via Condotti and Via del Babuino are the most popular brands, while in the parallel streets there are expensive but more detailed boutiques.

2. Via del Corso

In Via del Corso are the stores of big chains such as Nike and Zara and various other smaller and suitable for those who do not want to do expensive shopping. At the height of Largo Chigi there is the complex of the Galleria Alberto Sordi, which besides being very beautiful, houses shops, bars and bookshops.

3. Via del Governo Vecchio, Piazza Navona and Campo de Fiori

In this area there are many particular boutiques. At Via del Governo Vecchio there are small bookshops, vintage shops, boutiques of unique pieces and furniture. Around the streets of Campo de Fiori there are small oriental shops, craft shops and local products.

4. Porta Portese

Porta Portese, in Trastevere, is the flea market of Rome, is open every Sunday from early morning to lunchtime and is very popular with the Romans. You can find everything from clothing to ancient books.

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