Vegetarian restaurants in Rome

Which are the best vegetarian restaurants in Rome?

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It is easy to be a vegetarian in Rome! Any Italian restaurant will be able to easily make you a non-meat version of many popular items on the menu. Of course you will find that pastas, pizzas, and risottos are the easiest to make without meat or meat sauces.

But if you are looking for traditional Italian food without meat, I have some recommendations for you:
  1. Ciao Checca

    Great organic food, slow-cooked in an open kitchen. Lots of options for vegetarian, vegan, as well as gluten free food.
    Piazza di Firenze, 25-26, 00186 Rome, +39 06 6830 0368
  2. Freetto

    Traditional Italian food, snacks, and pizza, made with vegetarian ingredients. In a residential part of Rome.
    Via Silvio Spaventa
  3. L’Insalatiera Taverna Vegetariana

    100% veggie menu that gets great reviews from vegetarians and meat eaters!
    Near the Vatican, Via Trionfale
  4. Trapizzino

    authentic Roman food for vegans, take away fast food, open all day.
    Via Giovanni Branca, Testaccio
  5. Margutta RistorArte

    Delicious vegetarian food in a setting full of art. Famous for its vegan menu and brunch.
    Near Spanish steps, Via Margutta
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1. Verde Pistacchio.

On the Via Ostiense, far from the center, this small restaurant offers a different menu every day. In reality, the choice is between 3-4 dishes, normally 1-2 are vegetarian and vegan. Worth a try!

2. Punto Macrobiotico

In the district of San Lorenzo Punto Macrobiotico is in the form of a fast restaurant and bistro. The cuisine is good and there are plenty of vegetarian dishes with seasonal vegetables.

3. L’Arancia Blu

A vegetarian and vegan restaurant located in the Parioli district. Fun and very good dishes and an interesting wine shop.

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Ginger sapori e salute

It’s a really nice place close to Piazza di Spagna. You can go here for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack or just to drink a smoothie. You have many choice on menu and the place is very comfortable.

Mama eat

It’s a really nice restaurant in Trastevere. It’s also gluten free! You can find EVERY ITEM on the menu for both normal kitchen and gluten free.

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