Lunch and dinner timings in Rome

What are typical lunch and dinner timings in Rome? Will they serve early for children?

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Meal timings in Rome are not strict, so you do not need to worry about going hungry. In Rome, like in any other large city with lots of tourism, restaurants and bars depend on visitors like you for their business. So you will always find something to eat or drink. Families with children will also have no problem. Just expect smaller portions than in the US.

Meal timings

Breakfast (Colazione) - 7am to 10am.
Lunch (Pranzo) - 1230pm to 3pm.
Dinner (Cena) - 8pm to 11pm.

  • Dinner in Rome is a long meal. Go late if you want to eat amongst locals.
  • Bars open early and close late. Bars in Italy are more than just a bar. They serve everything from breakfast and coffee, to juices and snacks, besides serving aperitifs and wine.
  • Gelato shops are open all the time!
  • Avoid eating at restaurants in the main squares of Rome; they are expensive and geared to tourists. Do try traditional Roman cuisine
  • Pizzas are traditionally eaten at dinner in Italy (though everyone in tourist places will serve them at lunch too).
  • A small tip is welcome but not compulsory.
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The Romans are used to eating late for lunch or dinner.
Lunch: normally the Romans sit at the table from 13.30 to 14.30 but the restaurants are open from 12.00.
Dinner: the locals eat from 9.00pm onwards but the restaurants are open from 7.00pm to 7.30pm.

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Some great options for anytime-food in Rome

If you’re in Rome but you have some problems with timing of your meals, you should know some restaurant where you can have lunch or dinner at whatever time:

If you are near Vatican:

  • L’archetto: for a good Pizza
  • Fisherman burger: for special seafood, it’s delicious!
  • 900 gradi: for a quickly lunch/dinner with very good and simple sandwiches

If you are close to via del Corso

  • La Rinascente via del Tritone: there are a lot of restaurant inside. There is also a nice rooftop.
  • Ginger sapori e salute: for some healthy food like salad, juice, etc.
  • Ami (via dei Greci): for some healthy food like salad, juice, etc. It’s a very simple place and the couple who work here is really nice. (but it’s opened until 5pm)
  • Brillo parlante: restaurant with a good kind of pasta and a delicious desserts
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