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Which are the best area for searching for apartments? Are there any Rome specific credible sites listing short term vacation rentals?

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Some of the well known sites to find short term vacation rentals as well as Bed & Breakfasts:

  • Bed & Breakfast association of Rome
    The site lists accommodation in over 100 bed and breakfasts and apartments located in Rome. I do recommend their service for finding accommodation in Rome.
  • Cross - Pollinate
    The site lists non-hotels - private apartments, small B&Bs. Something like a airbnb and has been operational since 2001.
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Apartment stays in Rome are the perfect option if you are traveling with children and looking for space and a kitchenette. Or if you are planning for a longer stay in a residential area, as great way to discover Rome beyond the obvious tourist trail.

Popular Neighborhoods for vacation rentals

Central and convenient - Pantheon, Navona, Trevi.

If you don’t mind the expense and a stay in a relatively small space, look for an apartment in Rome’s historic centre. It is full of monuments, churches, fountains, and plazas. You can walk everywhere and there are enough entertainment options. If you want to be close to the nightlife, look for an apartment rental in Campo di Fiori. The main streets in this area are Via del Corso, Via di Ripetta, and Via del Babuino.

Close to the Colosseum - Monti

If you go slightly outside from the historic centre of Rome, you can find nice apartments in the Monti neighbourhood. Monti is a nice balance between a central location and enough local flavors in its streets. The area is quite fashionable in a way that is not expensive either. There are many nice bars and restaurants here, Monti is well connected by the metro and bus routes. The Celio neighbourhood adjoins Monti and is slightly futher from the centre. Here you can find larger apartments.

Hip and young - Trastevere

If you like a small town feel in a big city then you should look for an apartment in Trastevere. Here you will be at home with so many options for bars, restaurants, and even nightlife. Buses are your main option to get around Rome if you decide to find accommodation in Trastevere. Metro service is poor.

Area to avoid for apartment rentals - Termini

I would not recommend staying in Termini or Esquilino despite its cheap and accessible location as the transport hub of Rome, and in fact all of Italy. The area is known for pickpockets and petty crime. So if you are traveling to Rome as a family, you should look for other areas to stay before you consider Termini.
Residential and close to Vatican - Prati
If you are looking for a residential feel in Rome, or if you plan to visit the Vatican, stay in Prati. It is on the other side of the historic centre, and across Tiber river. You will not have a connectivity problem at all thanks to the many metro stations in the area, like Ottaviano and Cipro.

Local Apartment sites

Apart from Homeaway and Airbnb, you can look at

You can use Google too. Type "hotels in Rome” and then in the map select “vacation rentals.” in the “Accommodation type” menu.

Practical Tips - Apartment hunting in Rome

  • How much premium is worth it? Consider the tradeoff between the paying more to stay in historic Rome vs. staying cheaper and taking the fast and efficient public transport.
  • Where exactly is your apartment in Rome? Rome has long roads and streets. So always make sure to look for the actual location of your apartment on a map before you make a reservation.
  • Be close to a metro. Even if you plan to stay in a central location it is always useful to be close to a metro stop so that you can explore less visited parts of Rome during your stay.
  • Central apartment does not mean zero taxi rides. I have seen many visitors who stay in expensive central places and yet end up having to take taxis because there is so much walking to do in Rome. My advice is that rather than pay more for your stay, staying in a cheaper area. That will save you enough money to be able to take taxis in Rome.
  • Stay safe. Rome is safe but low crime does not mean no petty theft. This is especially true of areas around the central Termini station.
  • Many areas are known by more than one name. Be sure to locate your apartment exactly before you book it. Rome has a strange naming system and you could get different names depending on whether you ask a tourist, a resident, or a government official.
  • Generally Trastevere apartments are large, arty, and furnished in an edgy way, They have a boutique and modern feel to them.
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PortaPortese website or newspaper

It’s a website/newspaper where you can find a lot of different advertisement: rooms, apartments, jobs, etc. You can visit the website or buy newspaper on friday every two weeks.

Rome accommodation ( )

It’s a website where you can find your personal solution. They are very nice in helping you with your requests.

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