When is the best time to visit Rome?

When is it the best time to visit Rome?

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  • Pleasant weather - May and June. While at Rome, you need to walk a lot and hence better to visit Rome when weather is hospitable - not too hot and rains are scanty.
  • To avoid crowds : February will be ideal as the crowds are sparse and the weather is pleasant. Highly recommended if you are travelling with toddler or visiting Rome with children.
  • High Season : "High" season starts around Easter and runs through the end of October. Summer months are extremely busy with families on holiday. The accommodation rates peak during Christmas through Epiphany. Then there are select dates where it is more expensive to visit Rome like Christmas, Easter, Holy Week, 25th of April (Liberation day, National holiday) and, 1st of may (National holiday). Please do make all your bookings in advance.
  • Cheapest time to visit Rome : If you want to save money on the flights as well as accommodation charges, you should visit Rome in February or in November, the cheapest months to visit rome. You must avoid Christmas and summer as the room tariffs are highest. In lean season, you can expect to spend at the lower end of the estimate shared in this post on how much will trip to Rome cost.
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1. April-May-June.

It is undoubtedly the period with the best temperature, in particular in April and May there are many events that involve the life of the city. In June it starts to get hot but the temperature is not hot and the air is not suffocating. Tips: avoid Rome in August, the temperature is very hot and the city is deserted. Many restaurants and shops close.

2. September-October.

In September the temperature is good and it is not rainy, more the prices are lower. At the beginning of October the city is very welcoming from the climatic point of view even if it starts to get colder. It is not high season and even in this case prices fall.

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At sunrise! On any day of the year...

Every season is a good season to visit Rome (Maybe it’s better on spring or summer).

But I think that the best time to see Rome is at sunrise, because you’ll see Rome, not people (there are a lot of people in the main places during the day) and at this time you’ll feel so lucky because you’ll be in front of thousand colors and a lot of seagulls will fly on your head.

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