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How do you get around in Rome? I am a budget traveler keen on maximizing public transport

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Walking is the best way to get around Rome

This is the easiest way especially in the area of Ancient Rome. Be prepared to walk a lot and wear light shoes. Avoid flip flops or delicate sandals. Certainly avoid large heels.

Public Transport in Rome is efficient

Rome has a superb transport system (less metro, more buses) that covers most outlying areas beyond the city centre.

Single rides cost 1.5 euros and for frequent travelers there are highly discounted transport cards available. They are called BIG (1 day), BTI (3 days) and CIS (7 days).

Rome Metro

Rome has 3 metro lines: A, B, and C. The coverage is good but not great thanks to the historical nature of the city and the possibility of constructions to damage heritage buildings and ruins.
Some important Rome Metro stops are:

  • Cipro metro station - for Vatican Museums
  • Piazza di Spagna metro station - for The Pantheon, Piazza Navona and Trevi Fountain.
  • Colosseum station - for the Colosseum
  • Circo Massimo - for Caracalla Baths

Buses in Rome

Rome has a good bus network and the combination of buses and metro works well to connect pockets of Rome where the metro has not reached. You can use the same ticket to switch between all forms of public transport in Rome, including trams. Each ticket is valid for 100 minutes from the first validation.


The 6 tram lines in Rome supplement buses and metros. They are heavily used to cross from across the river into Trastevere district. The Historic centre has almost no tram network coverage.


In Rome, taxis are common but expensive, unless you are using them for short distances especially in the early morning or late night when the traffic is low.

Apps for making most of public transport

Download Probus Rome, an useful app providing travelers with last updated times, real-time location, and distances from metro and bus stops. You can also try CityMapper and Muoversi a Roma, the city's official transport app.

Airport transfers from FCO

The Leonardo express airport train is the fastest and most recommended way to get from Rome airport into the city. There is also the cheaper local train, or if you prefer to see the traffic of Rome you can take the Cotral buses, taxis, or self drive.

Metro in Rome is efficient. Though you will rarely use it!
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Rome is infamous for its traffic. The hassle free way of getting around Rome is by using combination of public bus and Metro line service. Bus tickets and metro tickets are interchangeable. Within the time validity of the ticket, you can reach your destination by combining your journey on metro and bus.

Types of Tickets in Rome

Single journey ticket

The BIT costs €1 and is the most common and economic way to ride any bus or metro within a time period of 75 minutes from the start of your trip.

1 day unlimited rides ticket

The BIG costs €4 and is a full day ticket. It is valid for unlimited rides on buses and the metro until midnight of the day it was purchased.

Roma Cards

Buy the Roma tourist card if you plan to stay long in Rome and use the public transport network extensively. Your Roma Card options are 24H at 7.00 euro, 48H at 12.50 euro, 72H at 18.00 euro, and the weekly CIS ticket at 24.00 euro. These cards can be bought online, and also at ATAC ticket offices and authorized shops (like newsstands, tobacco shops and affiliated coffee bars).

Roma cards may be used on all public transport - buses, trams, metro - as well as on Cotral lines and regional railways within the territory of Rome Capital.

However, Roma cards cannot be used on Cotral line from Rome Tiburtina or Rome Termini to Fiumicino Airport as well as on Trenitalia “Non-stop” line from Rome Termini to Fiumicino Airport.

And any kind of tickets usually cannot be purchased on board buses or trains in Rome. So be sure to buy them in advance before you board the bus or train.

Public Transportation in Rome

Bus Service is extensive in Rome

The bus service is run by ATAC. Piazza dei Cinquecento is the The major bus terminus in Rome situated right in front of Termini Station, the major public transport hub for Rome.

Rome Metro is fast and convenient

There are two lines in Rome metro and they cross each other in Termini Station. The metro runs approximately every 7-10 minutes, from 5:30am until 11.30pm every day (until 0:30am on Saturdays).

Rome Taxi

Taxicabs are plentiful in Rome, and rates are fairly reasonable. Taxis are easiest to find at taxi stands, railroad stations, and airports. You can also phone and call for a taxi. Uber as well as itTaxi, a local app created by the Italian taxi drivers’ union, are popular taxi hailing apps.

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If you are staying in the Termini area there is hardly any place of Rome you are not able to reach because Termini is the center of public transportation in Rome.

However public transportation can be very challenging sometimes in Rome. This is due to frequent strikes because of the political instability of Rome’s municipality and its relations with the public transport company.

In general I can say that if any app says that you may cover a certain distance in, lets say 20 minutes, I would double the time. Also bear in mind that traffic jams are the rule in Rome.

That said, public transport connecting the various areas of Rome are urban buses (ATAC), subway A, B, C and tram (always atac). There is a ticket of 1.50 BIT tickets. The ticket is valid for a ride by metro or by bus or by tram , once stamped, the ticket is valid for 74 minutes.

My advice is to buy daily or weekly integrated tickets so you do not have to buy too many tickets (, the daily ticket costs 7 € for two days (48h to 12.80 €, 72h from 18 € and Weekly CIS from 24 €.

The best Rome public transportation app is muoviroma because it tells you in how much time your public transportation is arriving and if there are any strikes or changes in the routes.

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Walking - The most practical way to see almost all attractions of Rome!

Historic Centre is small and has it all

90% of Rome's attractions are in the historic centre. Plan your itinerary well and you will spend less than 5 minutes walking from one to the next.

Vatican is next door

Even the Vatican is only a 15-minute walk from the Historic Centre. Or you can take the metro from Termini station if you really want to.

The best of Rome is on the streets

Rome as a city itself is an attraction. Walking is the best way to appreciate the history of Rome, in the buildings, architecture, and people.

Walking is faster!

Walking to a bus or metro stop can often take longer than walking to your destination! Because of conservation reasons, the Rome historic centre has poor public transport.

You can even walk to the Colosseum, which has a metro stop. Only a visit to the further away attractions like Catacombs and Appian Way needs public transport.

Walking is the best way to discover Rome!
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Walking is best all year round

The best way to get around and to experience Rome is by walk. Even if Rome is a
big city, it’s very easy to get around by walk. And, even if you made a list of places to visit, going from one place to another, you’ll be hugged from a lot more..such as a tour exhibition.

In addition, Rome has a very good weather and walking around, you have the
possibility to see wonderful lights, from the sunrise to the sunset.

Attention: if you really want to see Rome in every its details, you can’t not do a long
walk at daylight (there are wonderful colors especially in spring and summer..but
there are beautiful in other seasons too!) when everyone sleep early in the morning.

But you have to remember that in Rome you can find a lot of cobblestones in a lot of place, so you must wear comfortable, not high heels!

Less public transport at night

Unfortunately, in the night you have a lot less transports because Metro is open from 5:30 am to 11:30 pm from sunday to thursday; from 5:30 am to 1:30 am on friday and saturday. You have bus until midnight and some lines all night long.

METRO: There are 3 metro lines: A and B (main lines) and C.
BUS and TRAM: You must download app for transports in Rome. Moovit is the better right now (essential for waiting time!)

Car/scooter sharing:

  • Enjoy: cars (fiat 500) and scooters.
  • Car2go: cars (Smart x2 or x4). But with car2go, after registration, we have to
    go to one of their places to validate your driving license.
  • Share’ngo (electric car)
  • ZigZag (scooter)
  • Atac car sharing
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