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Can you share some practical tips on street foods in Rome? Would like to relish local food yet eat cheap in Rome

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Pizza al taglio

Pizza a taglio is easily one of the most popular street foods in Rome. There are an estimated 5,300 pizza by the slice places in Rome. Pizza al taglio is designed to be cheap, street food; So to keep prices down (2 to 4 euros a slice), most places skimp on ingredients.

Al taglio is a great option for on the go eating between attractions in the middle of a busy day. And don’t be surprised to see it being sold by weight, as rectangular or square slices. It is a practical street food, compared to regular dinnertime pizza tonda, or “round pizza”.


The other equally popular cheap eat in Rome is Supplì, a fried rice ball with various fillings. The most traditionally filling is tomato sauce and mozzarella, but other fillings such as cacio e pepe, and ‘nduja - a spicy sausage - are very popular.

San Lorenzo neighborhood is one of the best places to pick up supplì, and Pizzeria Formula 1 in the heart of the area never disappoints. You can also get cheap suppli in grocery stores around Rome.


Corsetti sandwiches are a less known but undeniably cheap, fast, and delicious street food of Rome. Most corsetti shops have anywhere from 15-20 different types of thin sandwiches, which the chef will pop into a panini press and hand to you for eating on the go. Corsetti, neat the Malatesta metro station, is one of the best places to try this popular cheap eat of Rome.


Gelato is around every street corner in Rome, home to some 2,500 Gelateria. You cannot go wrong with Gelato and there is always a new flavour to try. Of course gelato is a cheap street food available everywhere in Rome; but there is one gelateria you must plan to visit specially.

Fassi Gelateria is the best gelato in Rome I have ever experienced. It is a grand hall, surprisingly located in Rome’s small Chinatown, since 1880. Try their grand array of gelato flavors, separated by creamy flavors such as pistachio or stracciatella (chocolate with cream), and fruit flavors such as cantaloupe (melone) or lemon. Ask for ‘con panna’ or with a dollop of whipped cream on top.

Other top gelaterias in Rome include Gelateria del Teatro, located near Piazza Navona, and Gelateria dei Gracchi, a spot on the Tiber river between the Vatican and Piazza del Popolo.

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1. Supplì

The supplì is a croquette of rice with sauce with a heart of mozzarella. They are found almost everywhere and are a Roman specialty.

2. Pizza by slice

The pizza is cut in every corner and in every district of the city. In Rome it is a source of pride, for us it is the real street food.

3. Fried cod fillets

The fried cod fillets are found in many corners of the center and especially in the area of Largo Argentina and the Ghetto. Do not ask for the lemon or the innkeeper gets angry!

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Focaccia con mortadella

If you’re walking but you’re starting to get hungry you can try “Focaccia con mortadella”, typical street food. One of the older place you can go to buy it is “Antico forno Roscioli” at Campo de’ Fiori.

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