Roma Pass vs Omnia pass

What is the difference between Roma Pass and Omnia Pass? Which one should we buy?

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Neither Roma Pass nor Omnia Pass is worth it.

You will spend more and yet not get complete access to all major attractions with either pass. So you should select the attractions you want, make advance bookings, and use single ride for transport.

Comparison of Roma Pass and Omnia Card

  • Roma pass is a limited 2 or 3 day pass for Rome only. Omnia Card covers Rome and Vatican
  • Roma Pass allows free entry to 1 or 2 attractions in Rome, depending on the pass you buy. Omnia card includes all benefits of 72 hour Roma pass plus Vatican attractions.
  • Both Roma Pass and Omnia Card include unlimited public transport but does not include all connections to and from Fiumicino and Ciampino Airport.
  • Roma Pass costs €28.5 or €38.5 for 48 hours and 72 hours respectively with no discounts for children. Omnia card costs €113 for an adult and €80 for kids under 9.
  • Roma card does not include any sightseeing HoHo bus but Omnia card includes HoHo bus tour of Christian Rome with Roma Cristiana
  • Most visitors to Rome also visit the Vatican during a total stay of 3 full days. Two day (48 hour) Roma pass is not worth it. Unfortunately, Omnia pass which includes Rome and Vatican is too expensive and with incomplete coverage of attractions.

Omnia Pass Entitlements

  • Entry to Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel
  • Free entry to any 2 of The Coliseum, Roman Forum & Palatine Hill, Capitolini Museums, Borghese Gallery and National Museum of Castel Sant'Angelo
  • Skip the line privilege at St Peter's Basilica, Sistine Chapel & The Coliseum
  • Hop-on-hop-off bus tour ticket of Rome for 3 days
  • Unlimited access to Rome's public transport system. However, not any of the popular connections to and from Fiumicino and Ciampino Airport

Why you do not have to buy Omnia Pass

  • The Omnia pass is overpriced when compared to the price of individual attractions that you would visit as part of your Rome Itinerary.
  • You can buy individual skip the line tickets at official sites of Vatican Museums, Colosseum and Borghese Gallery. You can buy the entry ticket and also any of the official tours that are on offer. Omnia card only entails entry, you need to book for the tours in advance.
  • Outside of the above mentioned 3 attractions, there is no rush in any of the other attractions. Buying the ticket at the counter is easy. Thus, no big advantage with Omnia pass.
  • You may not use the public transportation extensively in Rome as most of the attractions in Rome are clustered close to one another. Thus transportation access that is bundled with Omnia Pass is not of much value.
  • Rome is not a city for sightseeing HOHO bus. Owing to narrow streets, HoHO bus cannot reach key attractions like The Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Campo di'Fiori and Spanish Steps.

As a long time resident of Rome, I strongly recommend NOT to buy Roma Pass or Omnia pass for your Rome vacation.

The Colosseum has long lines, book in advance or buy a tourist pass
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Neither Omnia Card nor Roma Pass but the New City Pass

For me neither the Roma pass nor the Omnia Card is worth buying. I would consider the Rome City pass which is a new option for visitors to Rome. The Rome City pass includes Colosseum entry for free, a free skip the line entrance to St. Peter's Basilica, and free daytime airport transfer from any of the airports of Rome.

Rome City pass also includes a 24 hour hop on hop off bus tour of Rome. And in addition it includes 20% discounted entry to the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel. There are also discounts on entry to the Borghese gallery and other museums in Rome. If this is not enough, it also includes discounts on bike tours excursions and other Rome activities.

What I really like about this card is that it does not have a limit on expiration. You can use it for as long as you are in Rome and don't have to worry about rushing around to use its benefits.

You can buy the Rome city pass online loaded up with all the benefits. There is no card to collect on the ground unlike the Roma pass. You just get everything on email to you in the comfort of your home.

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There are two types of Roma passes available today, a 2 day version and a 3 day version. The only difference between the versions is that the 2 day Roma pass allows you one free entry guaranteed to any attraction in Rome while 3 day version allows you 2 entries guaranteed for free to any attraction.

Omnia Pass on the other hand offers all the benefits of 2 day Roma Pass and also gives you free access into the Vatican Museum which contains the Sistine Chapel. Omnia Pass also gives you skip the line preferential entry into the Vatican museum as well as the St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican.

The big benefit is that you get skip the line benefits into all attractions of Rome that the pass covers. In addition both versions (as well as the Omnia Pass) have unlimited use of public transport, shopping discounts, and entry discounts into other major attractions.

If you see yourself going to one or two attractions in Rome and using the public transport pretty extensively during your visit by all means go for the Roma pass version that suits you. The Roma Pass costs €28 and €38 depending on the version. If you would buy the tickets to the attractions in Rome individually, you need to make the booking yourself online in advance and you don't know whether you will get them or not. So the convenience factor is a big factor to look at. Especially in the summer you will find that the lines at attractions are pretty long. You could end up waiting for too long in the hot sun to get a ticket. So the pass becomes even more critical to buy if you are planning a visit in the summer.

If you are planning a visit to Rome and the Vatican city during your trip then it is quite a decision to make whether the Omnia pass is worth it. It gives you free access into the Vatican Museum which contains the Sistine Chapel and also gives you skip the line preferential entry into the museum as well as the St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican. Also included is a hop on hop off bus tour on the Roma Cristiana bus - which to be fair is more focused on the Catholic sites of Rome - so you might not always be interested in doing that. The Omnia also includes everything that the Roma pass includes, which is free transport and access to the attractions in Rome for the 3 day version.

In my view I think the Omnia pass is not a good decision to buy. I would rather buy the Roma Pass for the Rome leg of my visit; and then buy separate tickets to the Vatican museums and Sistine Chapel entry, and I would end up saving a lot of money. The entry to St. Peter's Basilica is anyway free and if you want to skip the line you can go pay a €2 per head charge to skip lines.

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