Flamenco souvenirs

What are flamenco souvenirs that can be purchased at Seville?

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1. Flamenco fans - practical and fashionable

Did you know that flamenco fans (abanicos) used to be part of the vocabulary of Spanish society many centuries ago? Fans were used to communicate in the way women held the fans and gestured with them. Today you can buy a range of flamenco fans - from cheap ones to keep away the heat or as a gift, to expensive hand painted abanicos - in Seville.

Where to buy: Abanicos de Sevilla, and Abanicos Diaz, on Calle Sierpes.
Cost: Starting at 5 euros going up to thousands of euros.

2. Mantones and Mantillas - always a headturner

The best of these flamenco shawls are made of silk with hand embroidery on them. If you are in Seville for Semana Santa or Abril Feria you will see the best displays of Flamenco shawls. Women in Seville also wear these mantone sand mantillas to important occasions.

Where to buy: Artesanía Textil, on Calle Garcia de Vinuesa.
Prices: 20 euros onwards, going up to over 1000 euros.

3. Flamenco dresses - Unique but impractical

A flamenco dress or traje de gitana seems like an obvious souvenir to buy from Seville. It is indeed unique but I would suggest that you keep in mind that you may not wear this dress very often, back home. So think about whether you will actually wear and how much you want to spend, before you give in to temptation. If you do decide to buy a dress make sure to ask if it can be fitted or altered for you.

Where to buy: Asunción Pena, on Calle Lineros. Many shops on Calle Francos.
How much to pay: Reasonably priced dresses start at under 100 euros, but outfits by famous designers such as Vicky Martín Berrocal, Loli Vera, and Luchi Cabrera, can go into the hundred of Euros.

4. Flamenco Complementos (accessories):

Combs, artificial flowers, and earrings are the most popular flamenco accessories you can buy in Seville.

Where to buy: Most flamenco shops that sell dresses, fans, and shawls, also sell accessories. Mateos and Isabel Mediavilla on Calle Francos are good places to look for flamenco accessories.
How much to pay: Accesories are cheap, starting at a few euros and going up to under 50 euros.

5. Flamenco shoes

Flamenco heels are an excellent complement to a traje de gitana dress but good quality shoes that fit well can end up being very expensive. These shoes are for dancing and not really meant to be daily wear accessories. So you should buy flamenco shoes only if you are an aspiring dancer.

Additional convenient places for Flamenco souvenirs:
Calle Tetuan and Calle Sierpes have many flamenco stores, and if you are around Plaza del Duque you can just pop into El Corte Ingles Department store; they have good quality flamenco souvenirs.

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flamenco shoes is always a winner as far as souvenirs go.You will find many shops in  Calle Sierpes or you can buy at Menkes, Calle Cuna. They have online store too so you can get it shipped to your home directly

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