Madrid with a toddler

How is Madrid for families with small kids? We are thinking of visiting Madrid with a toddler.

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You will have a great time with small kids and toddlers in Madrid, the people are so warm and when they see you with children they will treat you with special affection. Spanish society is very used to children running around and being themselves. You will not have a problem with timings, or entry to restaurants. Toddlers will be welcomed everywhere you go.

There is lots to see even with toddlers

All the major attractions in Madrid are child friendly, and Madrid has many attractions where toddlers will have even more of a good time, like the wide open spaces of Retiro Park. Madrid has a zoo (Faunia) with a variety of animals that toddlers love.

Madrid Zoo
There is Warner Amusement Park, Plaza Mayor with merry go rounds in the summer, interesting museums (for example Naval museum, Air museum, Railway museum) and lots more.

Madrid weather is great for a toddler

Except for a few days every year, Madrid never gets too cold or too hot for children to be out and about. The great Madrid weather makes it a perfect destination for a family visit with toddler and older kids. In the summer avoid taking your toddler out in the afternoon sun. And always keep a light jacket because the weather can change.

Great choice of toddler friendly food

Toddlers will not have a problem finding food suitable for them; most places will have a kids menu and if not they will be more than happy to make something that your little one enjoys. Fresh milk of all types is always available at restaurants and supermarkets. And of course all kids and toddlers love churros and hot chocolate especially at San Gines Chocolateria at Sol.

Commuting with toddlers is easy

Madrid has an efficient and family friendly public transport system if you do need one. Metros and buses are fast, clean, and cheap. Toddlers and even older children travel free, and there is enough space for strollers to be brought on board. You can rent car seats if you are driving but in public transport and taxis you do not need to have one.

Madrid has lots of pedestrian areas

Pushing a stroller with a toddler, around Madrid is easy. Some places may have cobblestoned streets but most of Madrid attractions are easily seen by walking around even if you have a small child with you in a stroller. Many areas are pedestrian access only and in the rest of Madrid you will find wide pavements to walk on.

Hotels in Madrid are toddler friendly

Most hotels will have a crib if you need one. And high chairs will never be an issue at restaurants. Even baby sitting can be arranged if you let them know in advance.

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