Is Santander worth visiting?

I would like to visit more than Bilbao and San Sebastian on my Basque country trip. Should I plan a trip to Santander?

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Actually Santander is technically in the Cantabria region to the west of Bilbao but you are not alone in assuming that it is part of Basque region. Unfortunately, Santander has been run over by masses of tourists who come on cheap ferries and flights, for the beaches and food.

So you should visit Santander only after you have exhausted visiting the Basque country towns (which can take 2 weeks or more).

This part of Spain has a lot to see, and whether Santander gets on your list for this trip depends on how long you plan to spend in San Sebastian, whether you have enough time to visit Bilbao, travel through La Rioja and smaller Basque towns, before you consider a visit to Vitoria, Guernica, and Santander.

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