Seville to Tangier day trip

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Yes, it is an exciting possibility when you think of going from Seville in Spain into Tangier (Morocco) which is in Northern Africa, just for the day. When you see the Moorish influence in Seville you will be surely be tempted to see one of the places where it came from centuries ago.

You can visit Tangier in Morocco

Tangier is across the Strait of Gibraltar and has historically been the conduit of culture and trade between Africa and Europe. From Seville it is possible for you to visit Tangier in one day.

You should know some history about Tangier. Around 70 years ago Tangier was quite an eccentric, and even artistic town. But today it shows signs of neglect. It is divided into an old walled city where you will find the Medina and a maze of medieval alleyways of interest; and there is also a new bustling cosmopolitan town which is not so interesting for most tourists.
Street in old Medina

Consider staying overnight in Tangier

If you just want to tick the box and say that you’ve been in two different cultures on two different continents in one day, you can actually do that. But it will be an exhausting and unsatisfying day. So my suggestions is that after having made the long trip all the way from Seville, you should stay the night in Tangier to experience the vibe of another culture.

How to get to Tangier from Seville

Start very early from Seville. Take the bus from Prado San Sebastian to the coastal town of Tarifa. From Tarifa you will need to take a ferry to Tangier. Make sure to carry your passport and complete all your paperwork in advance.

Don’t take the ferry from Algeciras because those ferries dock at the newer Tangier Med port, which is an hour away from where you want to be.

How long and how much is the trip?

From Seville, it takes a total of 4 hours to reach Tangier. The bus journey from Seville to Tarifa is 2 hours (20 euros) and the ferry is another 2 hours (30 euros for adults). You can also take your car on board the ferry if you plan to drive.

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