How many days in Toledo?

Should we visit Toledo as a day trip or should we spend a few days at Toledo? How many days should we spend in Toledo?

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Most people visit Toledo as a day trip from Madrid. Ideally, you should try and spend 2 full days and at least 2 nights in Toledo. One day is just not enough time for a city which was the capital of Spain before Madrid arrived on the scene. Toledo used to be the intersection of 3 major cultures of the world - Christianity, Islam, and Judaism - even today there are buildings and flavors in the streets of Toledo that will remind you of that amazing time in history.

Why do you need atleast 2 days?

The real Toledo awakens at night

During the day Toledo is full of day-trippers from Madrid and it feels like another large tourist filled Spanish town. But when the crowds leave by the late afternoon, the real city comes to life with locals and their daily activities suddenly becoming visible. Just take a look to Plaza Zocodover during the day and in the late evening and you will see the difference.

Toledo is a hilly city

Most of Toledo’s charm lies in the steep streets and lanes up and down the hill on which the city is built. Going from one attraction to another can seem short on paper but when there is a climb involved, things take time. If you want to see most of the important sights and if you want to also get an experience of Toledo’s charm, you have to slowly navigate the hillside layout of the city. And this will need more time.

Enjoy the streets and Puertas

Toledo’s charm lies in its streets and especially in the winter you will never forget the snow on the ground and the lights in the windows. The town wears a festive look, much more charming than a large city. You have to spend a night to know what I am saying. You should also make sure to see all the various ancient Puertas, or gates, of the city which are totally different at night.
Puerta de Bisagra

Too many things to see

Toledo is so much more than the Alcazar, Cathedral, and Synagogue. If you are even remotely interested in history or culture, churches or old markets, ancient Roman ruins or Moorish architecture, Toledo has enough to occupy even a week-long stay.

Toledo during Corpus Christi
I would say that a Toledo experience of 2 days can be richer than a visit to Madrid for the same amount of time. So I encourage you to consider at least a 2 day stay in Toledo even if it means to sacrifice another day trip or a day from your stay in Madrid.

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