Toledo knife and other souvenirs

Where to buy a Toledo knife? Also, what are some other souvenirs that we can buy in Toledo?

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A Toledo knife is the best souvenir to buy

The best souvenir from Toledo is certainly a knife or sword made from Toledo steel, prized for centuries by famous armies around the world. Toledo steel is actually Damascene (from Damascus) steel and the art of making the swords was learned during Arab times in medieval Spain.

Buy from Mariano Zamorano

If you are visiting Toledo as a day trip from Madrid, buy the souvenir at Mariano Zamorano Swords Factory (located on Calle Ciudad, 19 near the Toledo Cathedral).

This traditional store has been around for 150 years run by the same family. You can buy a sword or basic knives. Steak knives are a popular, best-selling item. And no two items are the same because they are all handcrafted.

It also has a workshop and you can see master craftsmen Mariano and Santiago working to make the swords and knives from steel. If you need something special Zamorano will make it for you.

They will even safely ship it to your home country if you don’t want to carry your sword around all of Spain or through customs at the airport. Visiting the store and factory is an exciting experience especially for children.

Two other well-known knife shops in Toledo are Artesanía Toledana Juan Morales, in Plaza del Conde, 3 and Artesanía Morales S L, on Calle Santo Tome, 18.

If you want to buy a Toledo sword in Madrid, you can buy it at Objetos de Arte Toledano (opposite Prado Museum)

Other popular souvenirs from Toledo

Damascene work

Damascene involves inlaying different metals like gold and silver together in a pattern, on a dark steel base. You can buy some beautiful articles in Toledo to suit all budgets.

Damascene of Toledo is called 'Oro de Toledo' or Gold of Toledo.
Consider a visit the Damasquinados factory in Toledo, near the old city walls (Paseo Circo Romano) for a free tour, and see how this is done. They also make swords and knives here.
Damascene jewelry

Toledo ceramics

Toledo has a ceramics tradition for more than 1000 years since the time artisans moved here after the destruction of ancient towns like Medina Azahara and Elvira, during the reign of Taifa king Al-Mamoun.

Ceramic plate made in Toledo
You can buy various ceramic objects made in Toledo - like mugs, dishes, bottles - with what is called "cuerda seca" (dry cord) decorations.

Wooden objects

The ideal souvenir is a Bargueno, a traditional Toledo cabinet in Renaissance style. It is plain on the outside and very decorated on the inside. But there are also smaller objects like carved wooden boxes which you can buy in Toledo.

Excellent example of Toledo woodwork at San Juan monastery

Toledo is also known for leather articles and embroidery.

Where to buy

The historic center - around the Cathedral, Alcazar, and Jewish Quarter - is the most convenient area to look for souvenirs in Toledo. The streets with the most shops are Santo Tome and Comercio.

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