When on a day trip to Toledo, where to eat?

Any not to miss dish or restaurant at Toledo that we should try when we go to Toledo as a day trip from Madrid?

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Toledo is as famous for its gastronomical delights as it is for its world heritage monuments. When on a day trip to Toledo, you should not miss out on the following

Three must try dishes in Toledo

1. Marzipan (Mazapan)

Literally, it means March's bread. The confectionery of almonds, sugar and eggs yolks has its origins in Toledo. According to the legend, it was invented by the nuns of the Convent of San Clemente in Toledo. You can try the best mazapan at Confitería Santo Tomé (00 34 925 223 763; mazapan.com)

2. Venison

Toledo’s cuisine features dishes made of venison and boar. To try any of the venison based dishes, try the family run El Embrujo in the old town of Toledo.

3. Stewed partridge

Stewed partridge (perdiz a la Toledana) is perhaps the signature cuisine of Toledo. You can try the dish at Restaurante Adolfo or at Casa Aurelio. Strongly recommended especially if you come to Toledo on a winter day.

Toledo Restaurants

If you’re looking for delicious food at a decent price, Bar Zorba is a good option. Not only is it delicious, it is a comfortable restaurant where you can sample different dishes typically found in Toledo.

A good place for menu del dia is Restaurante Abadia housed in a 16th century building. Their set meal for €12 include filling stews, different tapas, and salads. Restaurante Abadia is located at Plaza San Nicolás.

You can also try local dishes and wine at the recently renovated food market, Mercado San Agustin on Calle Cuesta del Águila

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