Should we pay entrance fee to Gaudi's Parc Guell?

Gaudi's Park Guell has an entrance fee for monumental zone, which is less than 10% of the park area. Is it worth paying or should we just roam the free part of Parc Guell?

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Entrance Fees at Parc Guell
Entrance to 90% of Parc Guell is FREE.
- The 8 Euros fee is for the Parc Guell's Monument Zone in. The entrance fee to Monumental Zone is definitely WORTH IT!
- There is additional 4.50 Euros entrance fee for Gaudi House Museum housed within Park Guell

Free Section of Gaudi's Parc Guell

The free section of Parc Guell is serene and peaceful with many stone cobbled trails that lead up the hill to 'Old Cross', the highest point in Parc Guell.

Hike to the top of the hill for breathtaking panoramic views of Barcelona. Many visitors skip paying the entrance fee and instead just go straight to the top of the hill, especially in the evening, to catch the sunset.
Best panoramic views of Barcelona - without the entrance fee!

Monumental Zone of Park Guell

I strongly recommend paying the entrance fee for the Monumental Zone, Parc Guell as it is where you will find most of the famous sights.

It is worth the entrance fee as you can get close to some of the Gaudi 's greatest designs - the mosaics, the angled columns, whimsical stairs with the tiled reptile, the covered Hypostyle market, the stone tunnel and the fountains.

You can purchase entrance tickets online by specifying a particular time-slot. Make sure you get to Parc Guell at least 30 minutes before your Monumental Zone time-slot as it will take you some time to reach the entrance point for the Monumental Zone.

If you don't buy Parc Guell tickets in advance, you will have to wait for few hours at the entrance as there is an hourly restriction on number of visitors allowed into the monumental zone. Before entering Park Guell, download the free app which has suggested routes within the park.

Here is a tip : You can enter monumental zone for free, without paying the fee, if you reach Parc Guell by 7:45 AM as they set up the ticket check booths & railings only by 7:45 AM.

Gaudi's House Museum

Outside the monumental zone is the actual house where Gaudi stayed for nearly twenty years. It is now a museum with a separate entrance fee. Tickets to the Gaudí House Museum and for the Monumental Zone are sold separately.

Compared to his other creations, Gaudi's own house looks underwhelming.

Reaching Park Guell

If you bought the Parc Guell tickets in advance, take bus no. 24 from Plaza Catalunya that drops you off at the East entrance of Park Guell. From the East entrance, board bus no.116 to Carrer d’Olot entrance. This gate will take you right to the entrance for the Monumental zone.

Even better, would be a taxi straight to the gate for monumental zone (Carrer d’Olot entrance). If you reach Parc Guell by metro, be prepared for a long uphill climb to the park.

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Park Guell fees is worth it!

For all the reasons my friends have mentioned in this post, it is worth paying to enter the Park Guell monumental zone. As you plan your trip you will also come across ways to enter the paid zone of Park Guell for free.

My advice is to read this related post fully and resist the temptation to enter Park Guell for free. The free entry timing and the atmosphere is not right for a pleasant experience.

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Here is a useful article about how to enter the Park Guell for free, with some planning.

If you want to be assured of a free entry to all parts including the monumental zone, you must be at the gates before the 8am official opening time.

The same situation occurs just after official closing time in the evening. But closing times keep changing depending on the time of the year to account for sunlight. So if you want to try your luck for free entry to Park Guell , it is better to take advantage of the morning light.

(TRY THIS: You don't need to book the monumental zone in advance anyway, so take a chance as a first option, If you are late or don't succeed for some reason, get in line and buy the ticket)

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Some Tips for visiting Parc Guell

Keep in mind these visiting tips for Parc Guell and make your entrance fee even more worth it.

Food and Drink in Parc Guell

Refreshments are expensive in Parc Guell, so carry water and a small snack. Even if you buy something to eat from the Parc Guell cafe, be aware that they sell reheated, frozen food!

Parc Guell Hillside Picnic

The slopes of Parc Guell are the perfect place for a picnic, especially if you are traveling with family. Go in the late afternoon when it is cooler.

Wear comfortable shoes in Parc Guell

Parc Guell is full of ups and downs, and unpaved paths. Think of your Parc Guell visit as a trek and wear footwear accordingly.

It can get hot in Parc Guell

Pack sunscreen and a hat for your Parc Guell visit, especially in the summer when it can get very hot and stay hot even late in the evenings.

Stay for the Parc Guell sunset

It is a nice sight to see Barcelona light up below you at sunset. Linger on the slopes of Parc Guell for arguable the best sunset in Barcelona.

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