Cathedral and Alcazar - combined ticket

Is there a combined ticket to visit the Seville Cathedral and Alcazar? We plan to visit both on the same day.

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No official combined ticket - Seville Cathedral and Alcazar.

Both attractions have separate tickets. If you come across combined tickets please note that these are not official tickets but combined tours bundled by tour operators in Seville.

There used to be a city pass called Seville Card that allowed access to Cathedral, Alcazar, and many more attractions. However, Sevilla Card is no longer available.

You can easily book your own individual tickets to visit Seville Cathedral and Alcazar separately. There is no need to book tickets in advance; though if you can, that always helps. And you do not need a tour guide, the audio guides at both attractions are pretty good.

Visit Plan for both places on the same day:

  • First, go to the Alcazar and arrive at the ticket window an hour before opening (usually even 15 minutes in fine). You should budget to spend around 3 to 4 hours at the Alcazar; then take a break for lunch in the area. At the Alcazar, book the Royal apartments tour as well (and in advance, online) - it is worth it.
  • Then visit the Seville Cathedral in the afternoon. If the lines are long, buy a combined ticket at the nearby Iglesia del Salvador. Note, on Sundays, the Cathedral opens for tourists only in the afternoon. There is a strict dress code to be followed for entry into Seville Cathedral.
  • Do not miss the Seville Cathedral Roof tour

Buy combined ticket for Seville Cathedral and for Iglesia del Salvador
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