Girona cycling itinerary

We are planning a recreational cycling trip in Girona. Can you give us suggestions on where to stay, what routes to take, any other advice?

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All kinds of cyclists love Girona

Girona is a great biking destination for all levels and all kinds of cyclists - road, mountain, casual - and the region has enough facilities for you to make your cycling holiday a stress free experience.

The city has great cycling resources

The city of Girona has some great resources to help you with your cycling trip. Bike Breaks is a local business run by cycling enthusiasts and is located in the old town. They will plan your routes, offer advice, rent bikes, and equipment, and even help with bike-friendly accommodation so you don’t have to worry about safety.

If you are looking to ride a route away from the city there are services that will transport bikes to the start point and then back to base after your ride.

Many ex-professionals have set cafe and one-stop shop for cycling tourist. The most popular of them is The Service course run by Australian retired professional Christian Meier.

You will find many cycling hotels

Most hotels in Girona are cycling friendly hotels. Girona also has cyclist-cafes like Federal and Fabrica; be sure to hang out here and absorb loads of information you can get from experienced bikers. They will fuel you for your rides!

Pick your route

If you are a casual cycling group with recreation on your mind then the Via Verde green routes around Olot are a great option.

Via Verde Green routes

Els Angels is also a very popular training loop for its views. Advanced riders like the climbing 120km route from Girona to Valter but it is certainly not for amateur cyclists. Here are some more routes in the region.

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