What to do in Logrono

I am told that Logrono is a must visit for La Rioja wines. How long should we spend and what to do here?

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Logrono is the capital of Rioja regions and an obvious must-visit destination in your Rioja itinerary.

Here are some interesting things to do in Logrono

Bodegas and tour of wineries

Logrono is really all about wines. There are many wineries in Logrono and the good thing is that you can even walk to them, for example: Bodegas Franco-Españolas and Juan Alcorta. If you prefer to not walk, take a local taxi.

Wineries also offer packages that include a visit, tastings, a meal, and some performances. They even include transport from Logrono. For details, you should check based on the time that you are going there. Winter is obviously not the best time to go.


In the evening go to the wine alley Calle Laurel for some excellent pintxos (tapas) paired with local wines.


The famous Vinobus tour also starts in Logrono, such a good way of visiting the region’s wineries in one day without needing to drive around. This operates on weekends and the route is different each time.

Camino de Santiago

The camino de santiago - pilgrimage route from France to Santiago de Compostela passes through Logrono. It is always interesting to catch up with people who undertake the hike.

San Mateo festival

Probably Logrono is most known for its San Mateo festival held on 21st of September. On that day, grapes from different vineyards is poured into a lafrge wine barrel. Men and women then stomp on the grapes in a circular dance to ill a jug with the juice that will be offered to the statue of the Virgin of Valvanera.

Concatedral of Santa Maria de la Redonda

With its tall, twin spires, this magnificent baroque building is an architectural gem of Logrono. Inside the cathedral you will find plenty of artworks, including a small painting by Michelangelo hidden behind the altar.

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