Bike hire in Barcelona and bike tour

Do you recommend renting a bike for a tour of Barcelona? Where can I rent a bike in Barcelona?
Can tourists use the local Bicing system?

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Bicing is not for tourists

Bicing is Barcelona's bicycle-sharing system open only to residents of Barcelona. Tourists cannot avail of Bicing. To rent a Bicing bicycle, you have to be a member with Bicing card. While registration is online, you need to share your 'residence permit number' for them to ship the Bicing cards to your permanent address. Bicing card is given to a named person, so you cannot ask your hotel manager to lend his card.

Bicing is for Barcelona residents

Bicycling in and around Barcelona

Barcelona is no Amsterdam, though there are efforts underway to make Barcelona extremely bicycle friendly. As of today, bicycling can be pleasurable if you restrict bicycling to certain parts of Barcelona. Areas like Diagonal Avenue, Citadel Park (Parc de la Ciutadella), and along the beach.

Some neighborhoods and tourist trails are best explored on foot. For instance, walking around in El Gòtic (Gothic Quarter), is better and easier than going on a bicycle.

If you plan to hire a bicycle, to go around Barcelona, please do read official manual, Information about using Bicycles, authored by Barcelona City Council.
The document covers rules and regulations as well as safety precautions for those wanting to explore Barcelona on bicycle.

Popular Barcelona bicycle route

Citadel Park - Barceloneta - Olympic Village - along the beach to Universal Cultures Forum. Much of this bicycle route is along the beach. Traffic is light for most part of the route.

Organized Bike tours in Barcelona

There are many operators offering bike tours. Both the bicycle rental services mentioned above offer bike tours. Other popular operators include:

Bike Rentals in Barcelona

Biciclot Bicycles
Biciclot Bicycles is run by a workers cooperative, they have an advantageous location near Barcelonata beach. They offer on hire, the entire range of bicycles - adult and child bikes, tandem bikes, and so on.

Bicycle rentals charges at Biciclot are moderate and there have been no complaints on deposit refund. Biciclot organizes bike tours from 4 to 40 people, but make sure they will send a guide who can speak English.

Born Bikes Barcelona
A professional outfit, Born Bikes comes highly recommended by regulars to Barcelona. Apart from renting bicycles, they also offer popular bike tours led by multi-lingual guides.

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