Where to buy ceramics in Seville?

Which is the shop recommended by experts for those wanting to buy traditional, authentic ceramic items from Seville?

Recommended answer

If you are not buying exquisite ceramic items, shop at one of the many ceramic shops you will find in aptly named Calle Alfarería, behind the Triana Market. Incidentally, A potter is called an alfarero, and a pottery workshop is an alfareria.
Thanks, to the pollution, ceramic factories or more precisely the coal-burning ovens were banned from Seville in 1970. Thus, you will not find any live factory.

Before you buy, you must visit Ceramic Art Santa Ana (Triana ceramic center) in Calle San Jorge. They have very informative display cum exhibition and also lovely handcrafted ceramics for sale. It is housed in an old factory building retaining the original tiled façade. In itself, the multimedia presentation on Seville ceramics and culture of Triana makes it worthwhile to visit this ceramic museum cum shop while on a visit to Seville.

Popular Ceramic shops in Seville

  • Cerámica Aracena, Calle Sierpes. (Phone : 36 954215228)
  • La Cartuja de Sevilla (housed in El Corte Inglés; Phone: +34 955 998 292)
  • Cerámica Montalban, Calle Alfarería(Phone: 23 955 719 246)

You can also buy ceramic tiles online. Seville based cerámica artística sevillana (Cerámica Artística), who has a studio at Triana also run an online store. Cerámica Montalban also have an online catalogue.

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