When is the best time to go to Barcelona?

Best time of the year to visit Barcelona? We will be visiting Barcelona as a family. We can do that in January or defer the trip to any other month, ideally when the crowds are less, attractions are open and it is cheapest to fly to Barcelona. Any suggestions?

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Best Time to Visit Barcelona

Located along the Mediterranean coast, Barcelona enjoys a Mediterranean climate, with warm summers and cooler winters. Barcelona is a year round destination as it does not witness extremes of temperature or weather. If you are looking for more specific ideas about the best time to visit Barcelona, check out the following tips:

High Season in Barcelona

Summer (July and August) is peak tourist season at Barcelona. Summer is also the most expensive season in Barcelona with high hotel tariffs. Crowds swarm Barcelona during the days of popular conferences like Mobile World Congress (normally held in the month of February).

Shoulder Season in Barcelona

May to June and September to October are shoulder season at Barcelona. Weather is pleasant and there aren’t many tourists at this time of the year. For my money, May to June is the best time to visit Barcelona.

Best time for sightseeing

For sightseeing, it is best to visit Barcelona during April to June or September to October. Being shoulder season, you can expect moderate crowds at Barcelona attractions.

Las Ramblas during shoulder season
The temperatures in Barcelona make it comfortable to be outdoors, and one can walk the streets without being hampered by the sticky heat of summer. Humidity is average, and much more moderate than in high summer.

Best time for beach activity

July to first fortnight of September, is the best time to hang out at Barcelona beaches. As tourists flock to Barcelona’s beaches, beach towns around Barcelona might be a better option.

Best time for shopping

Barcelona has two shopping seasons in a year. The first one after Christmas to clear any overstock and the second sale is in the month of July. Best time to visit Barcelona for Shopping is in the month of July.

Best time for kids and families

If your family can travel to Barcelona in the months of May or in September, you’ll hit the sweet spot. Weather is pleasant, crowds are moderate and prices aren’t sky-high at this time of the year.

If you want to save money

For the budget traveller, October to December is the time to visit Barcelona. Although some restaurants might be closed, hotels usually offer better deals on rooms due to lack of business. At the museums, crowds are minimal even on free days.

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For cheapest fares to Barcelona, January and February are the best months.
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If possible, coincide your Barcelona visit with any of these events. This is the real Barcelona!

A political celebration in September - La Diada

Els Castells (human towers)
La Diada is the day of Catalonia on 11th September. It is celebrated in Parque de la Ciudadela and the Gothic Quarter near the City Hall.

The major attractions are

  • Els Castells (human towers); you can spot hundreds of people trying
    to erect a tower. It is amazing and it makes you quite anxious
    because it looks so dangerous for them.
  • Sardanas, a traditional dance accompanied with beautiful flute music. It originates from a very old dance from the XVI century.

There are a lot of cultural activities but also political activities. It's a very important day for the Catalonians.

A festive week in September - La Merced

The Giants Parade
The festivities of La Merced in the end of September are for the patron of Barcelona. The date varies and celebrations last 5 days.

Major attractions are

  • Correfoc, an amazing street show with fire and people dressed as
    devils or dragons, it is celebrated at night.
  • Els Castells, you can enjoy these human towers in this festivity too.
  • The Giants Parade (very popular event walking the streets, they are usually renowned kings, queens, warriors... it's such an amazing view because they are really big!)
  • At night you can enjoy some massive screening on "Plaza de Sant Jaume", over one of the edifices. It's very beautiful.

Neighbourhood fun in August - Gracia Festival

The celebrations of Gracia are celebrated in August and last more than a week. The streets are decorated and at all hours there are popular dances and cavalcades with the famous "cabezones". Night concerts and various free activities stand out.

Sant Jordi is celebrated for the legend of St. George and the Dragon. It is a romantic day. There are many events related to books, so if you are a good reader, I recommend it. It is celebrated on April 23rd.

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Best time to visit Barcelona

Barcelona is an important tourist destination, attracting tourists all through the year. Summers in Barcelona are most crowded, while peak winters see moderate crowds. Accommodation prices in Barcelona soar during the summer and at the time of Mobile World Congress (usually in the month of February).

I will venture to say that the cheapest Barcelona hotel tariff is in the months of October, November, and then March. As can be expected, it is in these months that crowds in Barcelona are fewer.

If you have flexibility, May or September are the best months to visit Barcelona as the weather is pleasant, crowds are sparse and room tariffs are moderate.

You should avoid visiting Barcelona in the month of August as the weather is hot and humid. Most Barcelona residents go on a holiday during the month of August. It is not unusual to see many of the boutique shops in Barcelona closed in the month of August.

I have put together month wise information for Barcelona on weather, suitability for swim (beach), room tariff and crowds. The table below is based on my judgement and understanding of Barcelona.

Barcelona - Month by month


Temperature : 14°C / 57°F
Swim/Sunbath : No
Room tariff :
Crowds : Moderate crowds


Temperature : 14°C 57°F
Swim / Sunbath: No
Room Tariff : High (Mobile World Conference normally during the end of the month)


Temperature : 12°C / 53°F
Swim/Sunbath: No


Temperature : 13°C/55°F
Swim/Sunbath: Possible


Temperature : 16°C/60°F
Swim/Sunbath: Yes


Temperature : 20°C/67°F
Swim/Sunbath: Yes
High season


Temperature : 20°C/67°F
Swim/Sunbath: Yes
High season
Summer sales is on in Barcelona


Hot and humid
Temperature : 24°C/74°F
Swim/Sunbath: Yes
High season
Summer sales is on in Barcelona


Temperature : 22°C/71°F
Swim/Sunbath: No
Some shops may be closed


Temperature : 18°C/64°F
Swim/Sunbath: Possible


Temperature : 13°C/55°F
Swim/Sunbath: No
Low season, tariffs are lowest for the year


Temperature : 11°C/51°F
Swim/Sunbath: No
Christmas rush

Peak and shoulder season in Barcelona

For Barcelona, Mid May to August would be the peak season. April and September is normally considered shoulder season. If you are visiting Barcelona in peak season, be prepared to shell out high tariff and tolerate shoulder-to-shoulder crowds.

Book your hotel rooms as well as entry to attractions well in advance, in peak season.

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Best time to be in Barcelona as a Couple

If you are traveling to Barcelona without children, AVOID the summer months of June - July - August.

American families flooding into Barcelona from the 1st week of June. Soon after, in July, comes the rest of Europe with their children.

So for a less hectic and crowded experience, go in May (April is rainy) or mid to late September, after the school holiday Barcelona crowds have gone.

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Barcelona has a spectacular climate with something always happening. So almost any month is recommended for a visit.

April is beautiful because Sant Jordi is celebrated, a very romantic popular party where couples exchange books and roses. The weather is fantastic.

If you like music you must visit Barcelona between May-June, for the Primavera Sound Festival, one of the largest music festivals nationwide.

September and November have beautiful weather and there are many parties like the Diada - National Day of Catalonia, and the fiestas de la Merced when Barcelona has many cultural events, parades and dances.

I would not recommend February, as it is quite cold, and August, because it is VERY hot.

Although in August are the week long celebrations of Gracia, a colourful neighbourhood street festival in Gracia district, with parades, performances, and events.

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