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Malaga is City of Museums. I  am in Malaga for couple of days as part of Costa del sol driving trip. Which are the 5 museums that I need to go to? Advice on parking will also help

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The essential museums are:

  • Pompidou Center
  • CAC Malaga Contemporary Art Center
  • Carmen Thyssen Museum
  • Picasso
  • Museo Ruso

Pompidou and CAC specialize in contemporary art and they often have very interesting exhibitions. Pompidou is a branch of Paris’ museum and it’s relatively new in Málaga, but it’s probably my favorite out of the five. Parking for visiting Pompidou should not be an issue as there is ample parking available.

Pompidou museum in Malaga

Museo Picasso has different works by Picasso (drawings, ceramics, paintings…). Malaga is the birth town of Picasso. While the museum does not have some of his most famous painting, the collection is exhaustive divided into 10 galleries. The audio guide, as well as the film on Picasso, are interesting.

Thyssen has Andalusian art from around the 19th century. It is a branch of the more famous museum in Madrid. I like the Malaga Thyssen museum as it is not so huge that it overwhelms you. Also, the information obtained when scanning QR codes is presented in an easy to comprehend and interesting manner.

Carmen Thyssen Museum and Picasso museum are located in the center of the city. Parking is difficult. I would suggest you walk to them from your hotel or park near Pompidou and walk from there.

Museo Ruso has a permanent exhibition about the history of the Rómanov dynasty and exhibitions about different Russian artists. It is further away from the center and it’s easier to park around it.

Outside of the above 5, Car and Fashion museum is also increasingly getting popular. The car museum has a number of old cars on display with narration on the history of the car industry. You will get to appreciate the changing taste of people and also progress made in automobile engineering. It is not just cars, the museum also houses a fashion section with a variety of dress on display.

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All the museums are free on Sundays. If you are visiting Malaga on a sunday go for the free tour of Malaga. Once doe with the tour, you can shortlist museums to visit

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