What are the non-touristy things to do in Madrid?

Interested to see, smell and hear Madrid beyond the tourist circuit. What are the recommended non-touristy sights and activities in Madrid?

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El Matadero : If you are a creative soul, this is your place. It is a modern art center that always has new expositions, and performances.

El Matadero is a slaughterhouse converted to culture hub.
You’d find a wide variety of programs depending on your interests: cinema, music, art… There is even space for children and teens. Here is the web page in English. Free entrance.

Madrid Río : another interesting idea is renting a bike (you’d bike renting spots all over Madrid and particularly in Madrid Rio) and go around Manzanares river.

The local government has rebuilt the area in the recent years, and for someone who loves bike rides, this is the perfect one to go to in Madrid. It is beautiful and you get to see a good landscape of Madrid’s center.

The Adventure Park: if you like sports and adventure, you might like this plan. It is a day trip to Cercedilla (Madrid’s Mountains).

In The Adventure Park where you’ll find the best climbing, and zip lining activities. Best times to go would be summer, early autumn, and late spring.

Las presillas: Natural pools in Rascafría (Madrid’s Mountain) are the best idea if you are a nature lover.

This is a plan for everyone, to go alone, with your family or with your couple. You’ll get the most beautiful views of the mountains while you have a bath in the pools. Recommended to go in summer, and to go with a rental car. Free entrance, and parking 5 euros.

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I would choose the mountains in the outskirts, it is better to have a car to reach them: Navacerrada, Sierra de Guadarrama, Cotos, Miraflores, Peñalara…beautiful landscapes, trekking, sky and small towns. People from outside cannot imagine that in an hour from a 5 million city we have so many protected parks, mountains, and rivers.

Another option for outdoorsy people is renting a bike and make the bike ring called “el anillo verde”, that is a bike lane that surrounds the whole city.

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