Malaga old town accommodation

Which are the recommended hotels in Malaga Old Town? Prefer a boutique hotel? Should we try vacation rentals in Old Town?

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Last year nearly 17 million passengers passed through Malaga airport but most went to one of the Costa Del Sol beaches and did not stay at Malaga. In that context, heartening to know that you are planning to stay at Malaga old town. With its narrow streets, numerous tapas bars, menu del dia restaurants, and excellent Mudéjar architecture, Malaga old town is a great place to stay.

Opt for short-term vacation rental in old town

You can probably find good options for Málaga old town on Airbnb. You could also look in, which is a website for personal ads, and there might be some options for you there. Another option is where you can exchange houses with someone that might want to visit the place where you live.

Boutique hotels in Malaga

The luxury choice will be Gran Hotel Miramar, a beachfront hotel housed in a tastefully renovated historic building. I have visited their Terraza on the rooftop for a sundown drink. A more modest and modern option is Petit Palace Plaza in located conveniently in the city center. Other good hotels include Molina Larios and AC Málaga Palacio,

Budget hotel options

Hotel ibis budget Málaga Centro is economical. Some smaller, simpler hotels are Casa Babylon, Hotel Eurostars Astoria or Casa Al Sur. I do not think you are looking for hostels, but if you are, Feel Málaga Hostel is a good choice

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Accommodation in the historic center is a fantastic idea! With anything though, it all depends on how much you’re willing to spend.

The Malaga Palacio AC Hotel by Marriott is an absolute stunner. It’s a modern, airy hotel with amazing views over the harbor. You’re super central and close to everything. There are dozens of cafes and the only disappointment you’ll have is that you probably won’t be able to get to them all. Right across the street with similar appeal is the Hotel Molina Lario, so be sure to check that one out as well.

If you’re looking for more of a boutique experience, the Room Mate Larios is certainly not to disappoint. Art-deco architecture with a lounge bar and a terrace with a view—yeah, it’s pretty awesome. My favorite boutique spot has got to be the Room Mate Valeria Hotel. For one thing it has a rooftop pool with an accompanied bar. And beyond that it just has that boutique feel that you’re looking for. Funky tile design, artwork, and color palettes make it feel like it’s one in a million.

Vacation rentals is another great way to go. You might not get the same hotel luxury experience, but if you have a group bigger than two people, you’ll definitely save some money. Hop on Google and do a quick search for vacation rentals in Malaga and you’ll find plenty. The price range varies from budget to all-out celebrity status, so you can dream, and then find the one that’s right for you. A lot of them come with washing machines, pools, full kitchen, and more so be sure to verify that beforehand.

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