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Alhambra tickets sold out - 3 best answers | Granada Forum

Alhambra tickets sold out

Alhambra tickets at their official site are sold out for my dates. What are the other options to buy tickets to visit Alhambra?

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Tickets to Alhambra Sold Out?

Alhambra is Spain's most visited attraction. Thanks to high demand and the limited number of visitors allowed into Alhambra per day, the tickets to Alhambra are sold out two to three months in advance.

If you see a 'Sold Out' message screaming at while you trying to book your tickets to Alhambra, do not panic. There are many options to gain entry to Alhambra.

What to do when tickets to Alhambra are sold out?

Option 1. Buy Dobla de Oro tour tickets

If Alhambra tickets are sold out, you should buy Dobla de Oro tour tickets from the official online ticketing partner.

The Dobla de Oro tour includes a day visit to the Alhambra (Nasrid Palaces, Generalife, Partal and Alcazaba) as well as walk to the Albayzin from Alhambra through six Hispanic-Muslim monuments. Dobla de Oro tour costs €21.50

Option 2. Book night visit to the Nasrid Palace

  • Book the first ticket for day visit to the Alhambra Gardens, Generalife, and the Alcazaba
  • Book the second ticket for a night visit to the Nasrid Palace. Night visit tickets are hardly ever sold out.

Option 3. Buy Granada Card for Alhambra Access

Granada Card Básico includes Alhambra General entry (Generalife, Alcazaba abd Nazari palaces) as well as entry to other Granada monuments : Granada Cathedral, Capilla Real, Cartuja Monastery, San Jeronimo Monastery, Granada Science Park and Caja Granada Museum. Granada Card costs €33.50

Option 4. Book a walking tour of Alhambra

Many tour operators offer a 3-hour guided tour of the Alhambra and Generalife summer palace which includes skip the line access to Nasrid palaces, and entrance fees.

Viator lists many Alhambra tours, In the past, I have used Cicerone Granada for Alhambra tours. This is a good option if general Alhambra tickets are sold out.

Option 5. Check with your hotel for Alhambra tickets

Many Granada hotels arrange tickets to Alhambra for their guests. If general tickets are sold out, check with your hotel concierge if they can help you to procure a ticket to visit Alhambra.

Option 6. Alhambra tickets on the day

Every day, a certain number of tickets for Alhambra is reserved for ‘same day ticket sale’. Same day ticket sales to visit Alhambra begin at 8 AM at the Alhambra complex. However, the lines start from 630 AM. Booking 'same day ticket' should be your last option if Alhambra tickets are sold out.

If you are taking your chance and buying the Alhambra ticket on the day of visit, skip the cash-only line, instead head to the ATM for tickets which accept credit cards.

These ATMs for tickets are placed to the right of the main ticket area, behind the gift shop. Lines for these automated machines are much shorter. These ticket-machines also start working at 08.00

Granada's Alhambra is the most visited tourist site in all of Spain, with over 2.4 million visitors every year. Ticket sales could be more streamlined and less bureaucratic, but unfortunately, authorities have not prioritized making access to Alhambra easier. Too many scams involving Alhambra board of trustees have surfaced of late.

Hopefully, there will be more focus on making ticketing to Alhambra easier.

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Recently, there was an incident in which hotel managers of some Granada hotels and staff at Alhambra complex were indicted for fraud. Post that, many hotels have stopped procuring tickets to Alhambra on behalf of their guests.
Not all walking tour to Alhambra include visit to Nazrid Palaces. Be careful and enquire before booking any walking tour.
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Do not panic if Alhambra tickets are all sold out

It is ONLY the most popular 'standard tickets' that are sold out. You still have other options which can guarantee you an entry to Alhambra complex and Nasrid palaces. Of course, the other options come at a premium to standard tickets.

What to do when tickets to Alhambra are sold out

The standard ticket costs €15.40 , I have given indicated costs for other options


1. Alhambra + Rodríguez-Acosta Museum

This is just €2 more than the standard ticket. It offers you all the benefits of standard ticket and also includes entry to Rodríguez-Acosta Museum. This is your best option if standard tickets are sold out. You can buy this ticket online.

2. Gardens + Alcazaba [during the day] + Palaces at night

This is a practical option when standard tickets are sold out. All you have to do is buy tickets individually online at Ticketmaster site.
a) First you please buy
Alhambra Gardens, Generalife and the Alcazaba tickets
This ticket allows entry to all of the monument that can be visited, except for the Nasrid Palaces.
b) Then you buy tickets for night visit of the palace

3. Dobla de Oro tour

This includes tour of monuments in Dobla de Oro valley. To book this option, please call the ticket office - +34 902 888 001

4. Granada Card

Granada card includes visit to Alhambra complex and Nasrid palaces. Granada card can be bought from Granada tourism website

5. Same day ticket

Same day ticket should be bought on the very day of your visit. Do not stand in the line for general tickets as they are long. Try your luck at the ticketing machines placed behind the gift shop near the ticket office.

These machines resemble ATM machines and only accept credit cards. Lines at the ticketing machines are short.

There are only around 600 tickets earmarked for same day sale. While tickets are dispensed from 8 AM, the lines for same day ticket start by 630 AM

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'Alhambra Experiences' ticket is a great option especially if you are staying in Granada for a night. You can visit  Palacios Nazaríes in the night and on the next day morning visit Alcazaba, Jardines and Palacio del Generalife.
Before deciding to stand in line from 630 AM, visit Alhambra office at Corral Del Carbon. They sell tickets in the evening for the next day
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Same day tickets are not very difficult to obtain. You need to reach Alhambra by 730 AM and head to automatic ticket machines placed next to the ticket offices. The lines are much shorter. I went in January, the line was short. I had to stand for only 5 minutes.

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