What to see in Metropol Parasol?

What can we see and do within Metropol Parasol

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Metropol Parasol concept

The Metropol Parasol was constructed to revitalize the Plaza de la Encarnación, for years used as a parking lot. Roman excavations were also discovered and the city administration wanted to have an architectural marvel that will be a standout attraction. Designed by J Mayer H architects, the mushroom or umbrella design was selected to mean shade, something that is cherished in a city as hot as Seville. The structure looks a little out of shape because the columns supporting the roof could only come down in a few places, so as to not disturb the Roman ruins. All in all, an interesting architecture marvel that cost a swooping € 100 million to build.

What to see in Metropol Parasol

Metropol Parasol contains a market, shops, view area, and also a hall for concerts. A key attraction at the Metropol Parasol includes Pastview, a real step back into the past. Learning about and seeing Seville in the past with aid of augmented reality adds a whole new dimension.

You can enter the structure from the underground through the elevator to the viewing platforms. The view from the top is spectacular. I would suggest you should visit at sunset for the best view of the skyline of Seville. It's €3 to go up to the viewing platform and that includes a free drink. There are telescopes and information points at the top which makes it all very interesting.In its basement are the ruins of a Roman district and on the ground floor an indoor food market.

I would recommend a visit to Metropol Parasol, especially the top area. You would need no more than an hour and a half to visit it. If you just want to admire from outside, visit Metropol Parasol at night when it is very photogenic.

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