Day trip from Marbella to Morocco

Is it possible to go to Morocco as a day trip from Marbella? If yes, any practical advice?

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It is much better to buy a tour to Morocco than planning to do it yourself. The hassle is much lesser. Also, if you plan to drive to Tarifa and then take the ferry, the cost might turn out to be more expensive than an organized tour.

When you go on an organized tour, you must avoid shopping as the tour operators will take you to shops where they get a commission. Actually, unless you are staying in Marbella for long, I will avoid Morocco as a day trip. It is too much of a hassle. Ronda makes for a better day trip from Marbella.

However, if you choose to go on an organized tour, this is how it would work

  1. You will be asked to meet the operator in a central Costa Del Sol town
  2. A high-speed ferry will take across the Strait of Gibraltar to Morocco (Tangier)
  3. You will be taken around Tangier medina (old quarter), the kasbah (old fortress) and the market
  4. You will be driven down to Cave of Hercules for a camel ride.
  5. Most importantly to stores selling souvenirs at exorbitant prices!

Street in Tangier
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Sadly, it’s not possible to go to Morocco from Marbella directly, but you can go from Tarifa or Algeciras in a ferry. To go to Morocco (Tanger Med port) from the port in Algeciras, you must locate some big blue doors where you can purchase your ticket (or you can get it online here). Once on the boat, you have to fill in some papers you’ll find in the seats which are essential to being able to get off the boat later, so make sure you get some and you don’t lose them. Once in the port, you have to take the bus that’ll take you to where you’ll pass the border (they pass each 40 minutes, so hurry once you’re off the boat) and then all you need to do is take a taxi to the city of Tanger Med.

Morocco is very different from Costa Del Sol
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