Good value restaurants in Marbella

I find Marbella restaurants expensive especially those in Puerto Banus. Where should we go for non touristy experience?

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It is expensive to eat and drink in Marbella as it is billed as a luxury resort. Not many budget travelers visit Marbella. That said, here are some good value restaurants in Marbella.

You can try La Polaca if you’re looking for a good sandwich place with cheap prices and a chill vibe. If you’re planning on visiting Skol beach, you should eat at a chiringuito called El Faro de la Pesquera, which has very good seafood and cocktails and you eat inside the beach. You have many options in the city center. For example, a restaurant called Compasión, which is very casual and cozy and has great food. There is also a place called La Barbacana, if you like meat, but you need to make reservations in advance. If you prefer vegetarian options, you can try El Rincón de Lulú. If you’re looking for chain restaurants, you can find most of them in the city center, except the McDonald’s which is in the La Cañada shopping center.

One place you should not miss is the Plaza de los Naranjos or the Orange Square in the old town of Marbella. Orange Square has many restaurants and bars which serve local bites.

Atmospheric Orange Square in Marbella
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For a good reasonably priced meal then Pizzeria Picasso would be one of the best places - this is near the Marina. For more trendty eating then you could opt for Infuscia, next to the Tibu night spot, Namazake for Japanese cuisine, and La Sala which has an extensive menu and a lively crowd.

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Marbella has an amazing dining scene, but it does come with a cost! Many of the local restaurants are expensive, but that doesn't mean you can’t find a reasonable meal away from the tourist traps. Bar El Estrecho offers Spanish food tapas and refreshing Sangrias without an expensive bill! Tucked away on a little side street in Old Town, this restaurant is very popular with locals, which is always a good sign. For an even more off the beaten path experience try La Pizza di Ale. Tourists are not likely just to stumble across this pizzaria! With 40 different delicious pizza options all with a small price tag, this might be one of the best valued restaurants in town!

Of course when you are on vacation, you want to treat yourself to something extraordinary. Restaurant Garnacha is a small but enticing secret just of the main streets of Marbella's old town. They serve top class food at reasonable prices. Think exciting food combinations such as foie gras with apple crumble! The quality can not be beaten, but be sure to make reservations to secure your table in this gem of a restaurant!

Another must try in Marbella is Restaurante DOM. DOM proudly serves all locally sourced fresh ingredients, and the friendly and helpful staff will gladly explain the menu and ethos of the restaurant. The dishes are all inspired by the traditional cuisine of the area, so while you are visiting Marbelle you'll be able to get a sense of the food that the locals enjoy! This is perfect if you are trying have a non touristy experience! There is an excellent local wine list as well. The portions are generous and the price reflect the quality but also provide great value. Enjoy this fine dining experience without the crowds and high prices!

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