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After booking my tickets for the Alhambra, next on my agenda is to shortlist the best of Granada's Hammam baths. I am looking for suggestions on the best hammam baths in Granada, preferably near Alhambra.

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A Hammam, or Bañuelo, is an intrinsic part of Moorish culture. In the old part of the city of Granada, around The Santa Ana church, there were several bathhouses or Hammams which were patronized by the nobility of those days. Today, you should visit a modern version of these hammams for a massage and Arabic bath.

Hammam Al Andalus, Granada

Hammam Al Andalus is the most popular hammam in Granada.

Hamman Al Andalus is housed in a historic building that dates back to the 13th or 14th century. It was initially an Arabic bathhouse and then became a bakery under Spanish rule. In 1998, it was reconverted back into a hammam. Today, it is beautifully laid out with different temperature pools, steam room, and massage area, with an ambiance that takes you back to the days of the sultan.

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Inside the hammam, there are seven different pools with varying temperatures. Best is to first try a warm pool then alternate with the cold water bath. This is a Moorish way of ensuring good circulation and a healthy skin.

If you have the time, go for a Ritual Al Ándalus or Ritual Ilbira, it is the massage that will make you feel like an authentic sultan. You can also try traditional kessa which is skin cleaning with a natural soap and a kessa glove.

Advance reservation is a must as a limited number of people are allowed in the hammam baths at the same time. The Hammam runs on a 2-hour cycle, so make sure you make your booking for the right time. (Call: +34 958 22 99 78)

Visit Hammam after Alhambra tour

You can visit the hammam, immediately after your tour of Alhambra. To do this, exit the Alhambra through the magnificent Justice Gate and walk down Cuesta de Gomerez into Santa Ana to reach the Arab baths. You will see helpful signs all along the way.

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