About Us

What is PeppyLocals

PeppyLocals.com is a simple to use community platform devoted to travel. It connects you with local experts from your travel destination. You get sharp and accurate answers to your specific travel questions or topics, answers that local experts can vouch for.

Story of Peppylocals

While planning their first trip to Spain, two friends realized that the internet had no simple answers to so many important questions about the places they planned to visit.

There were oceans of online information, but they were repetitive. The content rambled on, always seeming to stop short of, or completely avoid the details that are important to make a trip truly mind opening and memorable. Real answers and solutions to important travel questions required a lot of time and research. And even that was not enough.

The right answers started to emerge only when the research fed and triggered conversations with local experts. Everyday folks who loved to travel and had felt the same pain.

Spain was the trip of a lifetime! And it added a big chunk of new knowledge. The battle tested Q&A became popular with their friends, and their friends, planning trips to Spain. This was solving a real problem. A problem that needed solving on a bigger scale.

So they quit their day jobs. And what started as a personal Q&A booklet for a break in Spain, turned into peppylocals.com


Can I use PeppyLocals.com? I am not an expert.

Yes! You do NOT have to be an expert at all. In fact PeppyLocals.com is for everyone to ask any travel related question on your mind.

What is the role of the experts on PeppyLocals.com?

Our experts know the city inside out and their role is to provide accurate answers and practical local insights to help you get the most from your travel.

Is there an administrator for PeppyLocals.com?

Yes. Our administrators ensure that experts and travelers interact in a productive way, without any trolling or bullying or profanity.

What kind of answers can I expect on PeppyLocals.com?

You will get a clear answer to your travel topics, with the amount of detail that is helpful.

  • There could be pictures, where relevant, so you can see for yourself.
  • Some responses could have videos or a map.
  • Other replies include lists of places to check out in the destination.
  • From time to time experts may refer you to other credible sites where you can get further details to address your question.
  • PeppyLocals discussions are voting-enabled. Everyone can vote on the answers and the most votes wins. Sometimes, experts may select a more helpful answer even if it has fewer votes, to help all users.

Do I need to read all posts if none is selected as the best answer?

Sometimes it helps to read a few posts and get the full picture for the question asked. The experts approve only such posts that add a different point of view, or add information to earlier posts.

Privacy - What happens to my email address and data?

You do not need to register to browse any content on the site.

If you register to start a topic or participate in a discussion, you will never be emailed for any marketing or promotional purposes. Not even by PeppyLocals.com.

From time to time you may receive an email that your topic is being discussed or if your contribution has been published.