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Madrid in 2 days

Practical suggestion to maximize Madrid in 2 days - Itinerary drawn by Madrid local experts

Sagrada Familia

While reserving tickets to climb Sagrada Familia towers, which tower should you select? Nativity Facade or Passion Facade

Parc Güell

Most of Parc Güell is accessible free of charge. You need to pay fees only to enter the important Monumental Zone. Did you know there is a way to enter all of Park Guell for Free


Madrid being the capital, allows you to experience all the highlights of Spain condensed in one city. At the minimum, you should plan to spend at least three days in Madrid


Buying gifts and holiday souvenirs? Know what to buy in Barcelona and how to avoid tourist traps while shopping for gifts to take home.

Free things to do in Madrid

Local experts shortlist the best free attractions and activities in Madrid


Flamenco as an integral part of Spain's cultural heritage. Flamenco is known for its grace, color, passion, and beauty. Here is the shortlist of the best flamenco cities and venues of Spain.

Barcelona in One Day

How to make the most of a one day visit to Barcelona?


The number of admissions per day is limited to preserve the Alhambra. What are the other options when tickets to Alhambra are sold out at the official website.

Daytrips from Seville

Seville is the perfect base for easy day trips to a diverse range of towns and villages in Andalusia. Plan a daytrip from Seville

Seville Flamenco

Flamenco was born in Seville, and the best flamenco shows are in the tablaos and penas of Seville. But did you know that you can watch an authentic flamenco performance for free in Seville.

Handpicked Barcelona Itineraries

Barcelona is an inspiring city to visit with so much to see from the ancient history of Roman times when they set up the old city to the modern experiments with molecular cuisine. Find the list of perfect Barcelona Itineraries.

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All the districts of Seville with their pros and cons, to help you find the best neighborhood to stay in Seville

Day Trip

The medieval cities of Toledo and Segovia both make great day trips from Madrid. If you have to make a choice, find out which is better - Toledo or Segovia?

Dali Triangle

Make the Dali Triangle a two-day trip. Drive to Pubol, stay overnight in Girona and continue on the following day to Figueres and Port Lligat. All the tips to plan for a Dali triangle trip from Barcelona.


La Rioja in Basque country is known for its wine, picturesque landscapes, and wineries. Here is a shortlist of three must visit wineries in La Rioja region along with details on how to reach them from Bilbao.

Articket Barcelona

For a typical tourist, is it worth buying Articket Barcelona or the Art Passport in Barcelona?


Planning a trip to Alhambra in Granada? Learn how to spend one full day in Granada. There is more to Granada than just the Alhambra Palace.

San Sebastian

Basque Country is the culinary capital of Spain. San Sebastian is the culinary capital of Basque country. Find what to eat and drink in San Sebastian

Basque Country

Where to make a base in Basque Country - Bilbao or San Sebastian? Find details and expert advice on how to split time between Bilbao and San Sebastian.


What to see and do in Girona, a great day trip option from Barcelona?

Madrid city break

How to plan a long weekend trip to Madrid. Great tips from locals to help you plan a memorable Madrid city break.

Costa Brava

For the best experience of Costa Brava, stay at more than one place. Find the best towns to stay in Costa Brava.

Exursions from Seville

To experience Andalucia go on a daytrip from Seville. Choose between Jerez, Cadiz, Cordoba, and Ronda or head to one of the offbeat destinations around Seville.